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Fisty McFisterson 69 was in the house at the Tribe game last night

Any time you have the chance to make the back of your jersey say “McFisterson” with 69 as the number, you’ve absolutely gotta do it.

There goes “Fisty McFisterson 69” the man who once ate 21 dollar dogs, drank 17 Bud Lights at The Corner, and prompted parents all over Cleveland to awkwardly explain to their children why the number 69 is so funny. He is a loathsome, offensive brute… Yet I can’t look away. Fisty McFisterson 69, a man we should all strive to be.

You just know when this dude got done ordering his custom jersey he gave himself a big pat on the back and whispered “Nailed it” under his breath… Nothing says “cool and edgy” like wearing the number 69.

Runner Up for best jersey at the ballpark last night: No New Friends

Almost as bad as this but not quite: