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Michigan State Spartans Cheerleader & Fanbase Gallery

You know the deal. The Buckeyes host Michigan State for a 3:30 kickoff and for every opponent an Ohio State sports team plays, we put together a photo gallery of the other team’s cheerleaders and fanbase. The pics could be funny, weird, hot, disturbing, etc. Here are what the fine fans of the Spartans look like:

In case you needed some extra juice for tonight’s OSU game, this hype video is here to help

Love it. Everyone in the world is doubting the Bucks tonight and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Remember when everyone picked against the Browns on Thursday? How’d that work out. Can’t wait for Joey Bosa to sack Connor Cook over and over and over again (can’t be too mean to Connor, he’s a northeast Ohio kid)



Corso you fool.

Whoever puts these together deserves an Academy Award and that’s no exaggeration.


In case you forgot Ohio State plays Michigan State on Saturday, this hype video will remind you.

Yep. That’ll do it. Ohio State is kind of an afterthought right now with the Browns playing tonight and the Cavs season a couple games underway… but not anymore. I’m a sucker for a good hype video and this one has everything I crave. My only complaint is that it needs about 1000% more Joey Bosa. I love the choice of CCR as the music too, it just makes me think of a good ol fashioned Big Ten slugfest. Can’t wait for Saturday night. Buckeyes need this one if they want any chance to sniff the College Football Playoff.

This happened last time OSU & MSU met in East Lansing

Already got some shit talking between the two teams too:

Payback is gonna be so so sweet