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Video: Gary Barnidge And Steelers RB DeAngelo Williams Hang Out On The Playground Together

Love it. Lull your opponent into a false sense of security. Make him think he’s just having a nice time on the playground trying to relive his childhood. Slide down some slides, swing on the monkey bars, bounce around on the teeter totter. Then boom! Attack. No doubt in my mind that after this video stopped rolling Gary dropped the nice guy act, suplexed DeAngelo through a picnic table then threw him into a Figure Four and made him tap.

I assume this was filmed down in Dallas when the two were attending Wrestlemania together.

Would have loved to see DeAngelo do this with Vontaze Burfict instead after the little Twitter spat they got into earlier this week

A Steelers Fan Was Working A Concession Stand At FirstEnergy Stadium Yesterday. What?

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Lost in all the craziness of this Browns weekend was this dude wearing Steelers gear while working the concessions at a Browns game. Look, I hate this move. Absolutely hate it. But I have no choice but to respect it. If a Browns fan pulled this off at Heinz Field I’d be clamoring for the city of Cleveland to rename a street after him.

If the Browns organization wasn’t currently imploding and on the verge of doom then maybe I’d have stronger feelings for this guy, but I just don’t. I’m actually shocked that no Browns fans threw a beer in his face. But that’s just where the Browns are at right now. Thousands of terrible towels in the stadium yesterday, Steeler fans working concessions… it’s a joke. Think this happens in the 80’s/early 90’s? No way. He’d probably be pegged with hundreds of dog bones and then sacrificed to the fine, understanding patrons of the old Dawg Pound.

He then backed it up on Twitter:


Ballsy move.

Maybe the best response of them all:

Pittsburgh Steelers Cheerleader & Fanbase Gallery

The Browns host the Steelers today for the last game of the year today and for every opponent a Cleveland sports team plays, we put together a photo gallery of the other team’s cheerleaders and fanbase. The pics could be funny, weird, hot, disturbing, etc. Here are what the fine fans of the Steelers look like: