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2014 Cavs Year in Review

2014 for the Cleveland Cavaliers is tough to view as a whole.  I say that in the sense that everything that happened to this team in the last 12 months doesn’t feel like it could have occurred in a single year.  We went from the cellar to the penthouse so fast it made my head spin.  I was experiencing borderline Cleveland sports depression (not the first time, and far from the last) in May, worrying if Kyrie was going to resign with us and by the end of June I woke up every morning thinking about the Cavs like an 8 year old kid waking up on Christmas.

We finished the 13-14’ season with 33 wins, missed the playoffs again and were back in the lottery for the 4th straight year.  If we don’t win that lottery a lot of things are different right now.  We’d probably be wondering what could have been if we had overpaid for Chandler Parsons this offseason and maybe we can make the 8 seed in the East this year.  But we did pick #1 again and that set off the crazy chain of events of everything from Kyrie resigning, to LeBron coming home, to trading for Kevin Love and signing guys in free agency who never would have dreamed of coming here. And now we’re 5 games over .500 and a lot of people are disappointed with our play. Last years team was “led” by Jarrett Jack, Andrew Bynum, and Luol Deng.  This year we have LeBron, Love, Marion, Miller, Jones, and some leadership for Kyrie, Dion, and Tristan.  Things have been rocky early on but I’ll take the 2nd half of 2014 over the 1st a million times out of a million.


January 6th- Cavs acquire Luol Deng.  At the time this looks like a great move and gives hope the Cavs will be able to make a push for one of the final playoff spots in a decimated Eastern Conference.

*February 15th – Kyrie Irving is named all-star game MVP

*February 20th– Cavs acquire Spencer Hawes.  This is a lot less about his on the court play.  I just really liked Spencer Hawes. Seemed like someone you’d want to go out and have a beer with. This may only be a high point for me personally.

*March 11th– Cavs host jersey retirement ceremony for Big Z.  Also a quasi-recruiting move for LeBron.

*May 20th– Cavs win the NBA Lottery for the 3rd time in 4 years.

July 11th– The Decision Part II.  LeBron announces he is re-joining the Cavs in a letter by Sports Illustrated

August 23rd– Andrew Wiggins and Anthony Bennett are traded for Kevin Love.  Love forms the new Big Three in Cleveland along with Kyrie Irving and LeBron James.

October 30th– I’ve never seen the Downtown Cleveland as alive as I did on this day.  Opening night for the New Cavs. The party was one of the best times I had this year and I loved every second October 30th from the moment I woke up until the game tipped off.  We won’t talk about what happened the rest of the night.



*January 1-April 30: All games played by the team.

*February 8th– Chris Grant fired. The guys who was leading our grand plan for rebuilding since the day LeBron left is fired and everyone is left wondering how to get out of the deep shit the Cavs seem to be in.

*February 12th– Andrew Bynum is suspended by the team for conduct detrimental to the team.  Bynum came in with high expectations that he could get healthy and be a force.  That didn’t even come close to happening.

*April 7th– Rumors surface about a locker room rift between Kyrie Irving and Dion Waiters.  Kyrie criticizes Josh Gordon for his sharing his opinions on the matter.

*May 12th– After signing Mike Brown to a 5-year, $20-million contract, Brown was fired after one season.

*Decemeber 29thRumors surface that Coach Blatt is not getting through to his players.



*David Griffin – Griffin was named the interim GM after Chris Grant was fired.  There were other GM candidates the team considered hiring in the offseason but Dan Gilbert decided to stick with Griffin as the permanent GM and all he did was steer the ship the right way for LeBron to come home then negotiated the trade for Kevin Love.

*Free Agent Signings – Before this summer Cleveland was the opposite of a free agent destination.  It was a place people fled.  This summer was different though.  It obviously started with LeBron, but after that both Mike Miller and Shawn Marion took less money to come here and we also got James Jones who has played well in limited minutes.

*Hiring of David Blatt- This was more of a “we have no one else to hire” move. The Cavs interviewed SIX other coaches before they even talked to Blatt.  Alvin Gentry, Tyronn Lue, Lionel Hollins, Vinny Del Negro, Adrian Griffin and Mark Price. After those six interviews the Cavs were either turned down by the candidates or not impressed by them so that how we got our coach.  Prior to this season, Blatt had never coached in the NBA.  He was renowned as one of the best coaches in Europe but it’s been a rocky start to his first season in the Association.



*Andrew Bynum/Luol Deng/Jarrett Jack- I, personally, was very excited about all three of these guys when they joined the team.  Maybe it was my undue optimism to hope for the best with one of my teams but they fell flat on their faces here.  Bynum was never healthy enough to be effective and Deng never fit in.  Not long after he joined the team he was criticizing the culture of the locker room.  Jack played great in Golden State before coming to Cleveland and has played well for Brooklyn since he left.  Not sure why he couldn’t do anything worthwhile in his one season here.

*Mike Brown- We should have known what we were getting here.  A lot of you probably did.  But Mike Brown the second time around was even worse than the first.  His no-offense coaching and system was back in full effect, only this stint the team didn’t play any defense either.  Poor guy is only making $4 mil a year to do nothing for the next four years.  Rough life.

*Anthony Bennett- It wasn’t Bennett’s fault he was part of the worst draft class in a decade and never should have been the #1 pick in the first place.  But it’s entirely his fault for being an out of shape loser from the day he got here.  Glad we shipped his weezing, chipotle-craving ass out of town.

*LeBron’s play- Ok call me a hater, whatever.  Whether it was the weight loss, the time off, the mileage, or the chemistry of the new team, something doesn’t look the same with King James this year.  He isn’t finishing as well at the rim, he’s had some nagging injuries that have caused him to miss games, he’s shown some poor body language on the court and he’s now taking this “we aren’t a good team” attitude.  Dude, any team you’re on should be a good team. Fix it.

*Anderson Varejao’s injury- Varejao was our best interior defender and playing his ass off like he always does.  Boom. Torn achilies, out for the season. It’s not just the loss of Varejao this year that hurts, it’s the fact that this is like the 5th year in a row he’s been out for an extended period.




So that brings us to what’s ahead.  Right now we’re in a bit of a rut.  Since Christmas we’ve lost to the Heat, barely beat the Magic, had some injuries, gotten blown out by the 6-win (at the time) Pistons, and lost a game to the Hawks. Not to mention our players might be starting to dislike the coach.  Not a good way to end the year. I predict 2015 brings some shakeups.  We’re going to try to add a new big to diminish the impact of losing Andy.  I would not be surprised to see Dion traded.  He’s been playing well as of late so hopefully that trade value is high.  I drank the kool-aid this offseaon and predicted 64 wins.  Not gonna happen.  I’m going to scale it back and say we come in somewhere around 50 and get the 3-seed in the East.  We’ll win the first playoff series easily but round 2 and (hopefully) the conference finals could be tough.  How 2015 goes is really going to depend on if the team can come together, embrace their roles, and play the right kind of basketball.  If we do, the Larry O’Brien trophy isn’t totally out of the question.  If we don’t, LeBron has an opt out, Love is a free agent and we have ourselves a terrifying offseason ahead.  Let’s hope 2014 and 2015 don’t end up being mirror images of one another.

Your Cleveland Browns 2014 Year in Review

What a rollercoaster of a year for the Browns. Ups and downs. Ups and downs. It felt like us fans were on a year long joy ride atop the Millennium Force. The Browns went from laughingstock (not being able to find a coach; firing Joe Banner and Mike Lombardi); to the most popular team in the league; to starting a very respectable 6-3 and being in first place; to ending the season on a 5 game losing streak with questions surrounding the entire organization.

Let’s have a quick look at the year that was:

High points

May 8th: Johnny Manziel gets drafted

Seems like a decade ago. Man, that was fun. Whatever. #NoRegrets

September 14th: Beating the Saints in our home opener on a last second field goal

I’ve been to a ton of Browns games and that was the happiest I’ve ever seen the stadium as it was emptying out.

Even though the Ravens beat us in week 3, this fucking guy stole the show and became an instant Cleveland legend


Embedded image permalink

October 12: Beating the piss out of the Steelers 31-10 at home

November 6th: Beating the Bengals on national TV and subsequently standing alone in first place in the AFC North

Embedded image permalink

Low Points


February 11th: Joe Banner and Michael Lombardi leave the Browns.

In hindsight this wasn’t really a low point but at the time the sky was falling.

May 9th: Josh Gordon gets suspended for the entire season

(suspension would later be reduced to 10 games)

September 7th: The first Steelers game; Mainly just the first half and this

October 19th: Browns get embarrassed by Jacksonville

A week after beating Pittsburgh by 3 touchdowns, the Browns stink up the joint in Jacksonville and hand the Jaguars their first win of the season

November 30th-Present

It started with the loss to the Bills. Then Indy. Then Cincy. Then Carolina. Then Baltimore. The whole month of December was a roundhouse kick right to the nuts.

Biggest Surprise

Tashaun Gipson

Finished second in the league in interceptions with only ELEVEN games played. Helped anchor one of the better secondaries in the NFL.

Joel Bitonio

Everyone was touting the lineman as the best player the Browns drafted. He was. It’s a sham he missed out on the Pro Bowl.

 Paul Kruger

Followed up a disappointing 2013 season with 11 sacks in 2014. Was a disruptive pass rushing force every game.

The 6-3 start

No one and I mean no once expected the Browns to have any sort of success this season. They especially didn’t think the Browns would be in the hunt for a playoff berth in December… Oh wait. Someone did. And that someone is yours truly.

From our review in September:



Biggest Disappointments

The 3 J’s; Josh, Johnny, and Justin

2 first round picks that barely contributed and a Pro Bowl wide receiver that was suspended 10 games and barely contributed. The three ended 2014 on a very sour note.

Billy Cundiff

Shank city. Population: Billy


Wake me up when December ends. The Browns season (along with their playoff aspirations) were flushed down the toilet this month.


2015 Outlook

Until we find a QB this team will never reach that next step. I don’t know if the QB of the future is on this team (I hope), in the draft, or a free agent. It’ll be interesting to see how Ray Farmer addresses this situation.

There’s never a dull moment with the Browns and 2014 proved that. I expect 2015 to not be any different. Should be fun.


Cavs Rewind + The Week Ahead

Cavs Rewind + The Week Ahead

By Will 


Looking back at last week


 Pelicans, Celtics, Hawks


Cavs this week –


 Nuggets, Spurs, Wizards, and Raptors


The Cavs finally looked like the sexy basketball machine we all expected last week. They finished the week 3-0 with wins over the Pelicans, Celtics, and Hawks.


Ryan Anderson came out shooting like Reggie Miller from NBA Hangtime, straight fire, on the way to 21 points in the first half and the Cavs trailed by 5 at the break.  LeBron and Kyrie did LeBron and Kyrie things in the 3rd quarter and the Cavs finished strong with some Kevin Love three balls to win 118-111.

LeBron finished the game with a triple double but then the NBA stats guys went all Danny Ocean and stole an assist. Is 32-11-9 still good?


Side bar: Anthony Davis is basically the human version of the movie Avatar – dude is straight from planet Pandora.  And his unibrow is like Sampson’s hair.  When LeBron passes the torch of league’s best player it’s getting handed to the ‘Brow.



I was so pissed off for 75% of this game (the first three quarters).  We got down by 18 to Tyler Zeller’s Boston Celtics. Pathetic.  Then Kyrie got pissed too and scored 13 points in what seemed like 45 seconds to start the 4th.  LeBron scored 10 in the last six minutes and Rondo looked like a fat guy in a vegan restaurant (scared and uncomfortable) when he bricked the final shot to secure the W for the good guys. Love added 12 and 15 boards.



Total domination by the Cavs.  We set a new NBA record for most made threes without a miss in a quarter (9 for 9) and actually made 11 straight before missing.  We led by 28 at halftime and won by 33.  Bron-Love-Kyrie combined for 65.  Smokin’ Joe Harris – we’re making that a thing – had 12 big ones.



Yesterday we played like ass against the Nuggets.  Zero defense. Zero offense aside from four players. Zero intensity. Zero sense of urgency. I think we got cocky after the win streak and walked out expecting to roll without any effort.  It’s still the NBA, guys. Gotta bring it every night. (I’m blaming this loss 100% on LeBron’s sniffles)


(Cavs defense this season)



San Antonio comes to town Wednesday night.  There is no way we come out flat against the defending champs.  LeBron won’t let it happen after the way he got rolled in the finals.  The Spurs have already started resting starters less than 10 games so they’ll be ready to play everyone vs. us.  Kind of sucks knowing you get everyone’s best shot every night.

We go to Washington on Friday.  I’d like to see this rivalry get renewed this year. It was always fun playing the Gilbert Arenas-Caron Butler-Antawn Jamison Wizards back in LeBron’s first stint.  I think we knocked them out of the playoffs like 4 straight years.  Paul Pierce and LeBron is always worth watching even if Paul Pierce has one foot in the grave at this point. I expect Dion to talk a lot of shit this game after Bradley Beal called him out in the offseason. Kyrie vs. John Wall is a matchup of 2 of the brightest young point guards in the league. I imagine John Wall will come out with something to prove because he was cut from the Team USA team (which Kyrie made)

The Cavs round out the week back home against the Raptors who are actually really good.  I feel like it’s tough to be less intimidating than being from Canada AND having this guy as your #1 fan:


But the guys from up North can play.

If we finish the week 2-2 to stay above .500 I’ll be relatively happy.


We’ll usually post these every Monday. Just a quick review and preview of the Cavs previous week and upcoming week.