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Cavs Fan Changes His “2015 NBA Champs” Tattoo to “2016 NBA Champs”

Last time we checked in with our boy “Lil Geeky” he was sporting a fresh “2015 NBA Champions” tattoo in preparation for the NBA Finals series vs. the Warriors

Well. A after a shattered kneecap and a shoulder that was ripped out by a hippy from Boston, the Cavs weren’t able to bring home that elusive title.

A lot of people laughed and scoffed that someone would willingly tattoo something like that on their body. Well, Lil Geeky is smarter than all of us. A true visionary. When we zig, he zags. We walk left, he runs right. That’s the reason he had the foresight and gumption to make the “5” in “2015” look very similar to a “6” in “2016.” Such a professional, veteran move.

The good thing is that Cleveland fans are totally rational and won’t relate this to any sort of Cleveland curse. Let’s hope the Cavs are able to hoist the Larry O’Brien this season because I don’t think “2016” converts very easily to “2017.”

A very bold and courageous Cavs fan already has a “2015 NBA Champions tattoo”

Bold move and I respect the hell out of it. It’d be one thing if the Cavs were the heavy favorites, but everyone and their mother is picking Golden State to roll this series (which is so dumb, but that’s for another blog).

Savvy move by “Lonnie22bitches” by choosing a style of numbers that can easily convert the “2015” into a “2016” if anything goes wrong this year.

If the Internet has taught me one thing, it’s that getting championship tattoos before your team actually wins the championship NEVER backfires:

Here’s hoping Lonnie22bitches can buck this trend and bring the title home to Northeast Ohio. Free Bottlegate shirt if he does.

Cavs in 4.

Also, FUCK this kid