Terelle Pryor is coming home to Ohio; is claimed by the Browns



Annnnnd we’re back. We’ve been lacking Browns news this offseason and this is exactly what we needed. I’ve been campaigning for Terrelle Pryor for awhile now. Not that I think he’s a very good quarterback but for the sole fact that he’s 6’5 235 lbs and runs a 4.38 forty yard dash. You can’t teach that. Now that he is making the switch from quarterback to wide receiver things may get rocky, but it’ll be the Browns’ fault if they can’t figure out a way to use him on offense.

Use him as a goal line threat, run a trick play for him, line him up as an outside receiver inside the 10 yard line and throw jump balls to him till the cows come home. Run a bubble screen for him. Hell, I don’t know, run that trick play that Hoyer and Johnny ran last year.

Get him in space and this could happen

(bonus points if it’s vs. the Steelers)

He’s also familiar with John DeFilippo’s system.

A 2016 Browns team of Cardale Jones handing off to Ezekiel Elliot, throwing to Terrelle Pryor, and being coached by Urban Meyer is going to be pretty fun.

*totally disregard this entire post if the Browns end up cutting him and he doesn’t make the 53 man roster**

2 thoughts on “Terelle Pryor is coming home to Ohio; is claimed by the Browns”

  1. I like it give him a shot!! Build a team and a QB will come!!
    He may be the best QB on the Browns team also. LOL!


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