#PryorPorn; Terrelle Pryor is making 1 handed grabs and looking pretty good in WR workout videos


Did he have to make a one handed catch because he ran a bad route and slipped out of the break? I don’t know, you be the judge. All I know is that the guy definitely seems to be working on this position change and looks dedicated to being a full time Wide Receiver.

We all know it’s going to be a project and a longshot that he lines up at wideout at all this fall, but I think this is one of the more intriguing storylines of camp. Can Pryor make the team and if he does can he see some time on the field? Like we said in a previous post, we’re driving this damn Terrelle Pryor bandwagon even if it’s the stupid thing to do.



He’s a helluva grass cutter though if this whole wideout thing doesn’t work out


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