The Browns Twitter account shows promise… but in the end gets owned by the Arizona Cardinals

A little backstory here: Thursday afternoon the Browns tweeted out this picture of First Energy Stadium.

The stadium is looking sexy no doubt.

The Arizona Cardinals innocently decided to respond to the tweet:

Pretty harmless, right?

“Hey your old coach is now our current coach. SMALL WORLD LOL. Crazy, huh?”

Well. Apparently the Browns decided to start swinging their big dicks around on Twitter and responded with this:



But wait. The Cardinals have had some success recently and apparently that was lost on whoever is running the Browns Twitter account because the Cardinals shot back with this:


Well that backfired.

A lot of the blogs and the pundits out there are going to be like “LOL Browns” and “Browns gonna Brown” but not me. Nope. Won’t do it. I love that the Browns took a shot at another team. If you’ve read anything on this website before, you might have noticed that we’re HUGE fans of false confidence. It doesn’t matter if you suck, always carry yourself like you’re the best. That’s how I want my sports teams to act and that’s how I want the fans of my sports team to act. Sure the stats and history of the team won’t back you up, but I want my team to go out swinging. Ruffle some feathers. Piss some people off on Twitter. It’s not like the Browns were tweeting at the ’85 Bears, it’s the fucking Arizona Cardinals.

If I ran the Browns social media accounts I would act like it’s my first day in the prison yard. What do you do on the first day of prison? You find the biggest baddest sonofabitch and you slug him across the face. You want to give off that “There’s a new sheriff in town, don’t fuck with me” vibe.

I’d start talking shit to the best teams in the NFL on Twitter:

@Patriots Hey congrats on those Super Bowls*****  ps- We fired your head coach. Enjoy our sloppy seconds.

@Seahawks Way to pass on the 1 yard line you doofuses!

@Packers Brandon. Bostick.

@Broncos Enjoy losing in the Divisional round this year.

So I say good first step, Browns. Let’s build on this and start going after the big dogs in the NFL. Shoot for the moon and if you miss you’ll land among the stars.

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