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Photos & Videos: I Went To The Panthers-Cardinals NFC Championship And Witnessed A Beatdown

So if you were following along on Twitter this weekend, you’ll know that I was very fortunate to attend the Cardinals-Panthers NFC Championship game this Sunday in Charlotte. Field passes, great seats, the whole 9. Perks of being a blogger, I guess. Bottlegate.com making it big. (jk, I have family in the organization so I’ve been on this Panthers bandwagon for a few years and counting).

Yes, I’m happy to say that we didn’t die from the 2 1/2 inches of snow Charlotte experience between Friday-Saturday.

Conference championship football games are definitely something I can get down with. Lots and lots of fun. Being that I’m a Browns fan and am used to depressing football games along the shores of Lake Erie, this was the biggest football game I’ve ever been in the crowd for. Saw the players up close, drank a lot of beers, did a lot of yelling, did the O-H-I-O with Philly Brown’s mom all game… it was a great time.

I can confidently say that if a conference champpionship game like this ever happens in my lifetime in Cleveland, I may die.


A quick recap through pictures and videos:

Here comes Fitz

Cam’s touchdown from our seats

And pictures:


Arizona Cardinals Cheerleader & Fanbase Gallery

You know the deal. The Browns host Arizona this weekend and for every opponent a Cleveland sports team plays, we put together a photo gallery of the other team’s cheerleaders and fanbase. The pics could be funny, weird, hot, disturbing, etc. Here are what the fine fans of the Cardinals look like:


Arizona Cardinals Head Coach Bruce Arians Calls Bottlegate “The Greatest Game Ever”

Tell em, Bruce! Tell ’em! I agree 100%. It’s also the best blog ever (almost. not really)

You just know that if Arians wasn’t on the sideline coaching that day he would have been in the stands 15 beers deep throwing bottles on the field along with the rest of those maniacs.

Arians is making his way back to Cleveland this Sunday with the Cardinals and he was having a nice stroll down memory lane with the Browns reporters yesterday.

Some highlights:

Definitely wouldn’t mind BA strolling the sidelines 8 times a year in FirstEnergy Stadium. It’d be a definite upgrade from some of the dopes we’ve had the past few years (though I still do like Pettine). This dude would be loved here. Sigh.

PS- I’d say about 95% of the people on Twitter yesterday tweeted something along the lines of “I always wanted Bruce Arians to be the coach of the Browns!” The Captain Hindsights were out in full force yesterday, it was amazing.

PPS- Cardinals 31 Browns 13