Justin Gilbert – slept through meetings, confused about lack of playing time

Leave it to the Browns to be one thousand times more entertaining in the 24 hours following their final game of the season than they were at any point on the field during it. God I love this team.

Pssssst. Justin. That iPhone you were Instagramming on during halftime of the Chargers game? Yep. You guessed it.


And get this: you can set it to literally any time of the day you want. Day or night. Technology, man. I’ll tell ya.

Gilbert did more talking than that today, too. He refuted a report that came out yesterday that said he straight up told coaches he wouldn’t go in the game, and voiced his displeasure about not playing.

My favorite part about all of this? The end of that tweet from Ruiter – “felt last year held against him this year.” Sweet mother. You don’t say, Justin! Come into meetings late or miss them entirely due to your sleeping habits as a rookie 8th overall pick who couldn’t tackle a fan in the Muni lot at 12:15 on a Sunday, and the coaches are a wee bit apprehensive about putting you in games the following year? What planet does this guy think he’s on?

Need need NEED the audio of this quote. There’s absolutely no way someone didn’t laugh when he said it, right? Like, out loud. Hard. I know media members are professionals but they’re only human, and this is Justin Gilbert we’re talking about.

(h/t @H_Grove for the pic)


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