Mishmash-The Rock & CJ Parker in Baywatch; NYC cannibal rat; George Costanza bar; Urlacher with hair

Cleveland pic of the day


This is a video of a New York City rat either eating or dragging his friend to safety


There’s a bar in Australia dedicated to George Costanza


The Rock is remaking Baywatch and here he is with Kelly Rohrbach (SI Swimsuit rookie of the year and Leo’s ex GF), who is playing the CJ Parker role

For our #BAYWATCH and the iconic role of "CJ Parker" I had to make sure @kellyrohrbach was… tough.

A video posted by therock (@therock) on


For no reason at all, here’s a laser melting a golf ball


I don’t necessarily understand what happened to this raccoon, but I feel bad for him


Brian Urlacher has hair now.

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