Alliance Man Asks Police To Help Find His Weed

Via NewsNet5

ALLIANCE, Ohio – Alliance police report 42-year-old Dennis Wagner asked an officer to help him find his lost marijuana, as he sat in front of his East Summit Street home.

The incident was captured on police body cam. Wagner could be heard telling the officer, “I lost my marijuana somewhere around here.”

Police said it was clear Wagner was intoxicated when he asked the officer for assistance.

Seconds later the officer could be seen picking up the marijuana from the front lawn. Police said Wagner asked the officer if he could throw it back down so he could retrieve it.

Wagner was charged with possession and was scheduled to appear on a drug charge on April 29.

The more time away I spend from this city, the more I miss it, this is just classic Alliance right here. I spent 4 (and a half) years attending college in Alliance and the people who inhabit that fine town are one of a kind lemme tell you. No joke I’m pretty sure I lived on the same street as this guy.

And why is this cop being such a prude? C’mon Officer, the dude just wants his weed, he’s not hurting anybody. What, you’ve never asked someone for help if you lost something? Lighten up a little bit. And yes I’m still bitter when you guys broke up our party in 2010 when we rented a hot tub and had 100+ people at our house. People don’t forget.

If you’d help a little boy find his lost puppy, then why can’t you help Dennis find his lost baggie of weed?

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