St. Eds pitcher throws perfect game, strikes out literally everybody



“Jaret Edwards’ perfect game in which he struck out every batter he faced Thursday in St. Edward’s 10-0 varsity baseball victory over John Marshall in League Park is starting to gain national attention.

John Marshall has a lot of young players on its team, but regardless of the level of competition, striking out every batter is an accomplishment that not even a tiny fraction of pitchers at any level ever attain.

“It is incredibly hard to be perfect, which is why they call it a perfect game,” Coach Rosinski said. “There have only been 23 in the Major Leagues. For him to throw nothing but strikes and not walk a guy and then punch them out is not the easiest thing. He was even behind the count a couple balls on some batters. He found a way to still make quality pitches.”

This season the George Washington University-bound Edwards is 4-1 with an 0.96 ERA and 57 strikeouts in 45 innings. He’s walked 14 and allowed 26 hits.”

Not bad, not bad.

I know the Senate league isn’t exactly a perennial power house or anything but hey, you pitch against who steps into that box. A high school pitcher throwing enough strikes to not only not walk a batter, but strike every batter he faced out is pretty damn impressive. Hat tip, definite hat tip.

His classes today were probably pretty cool too.

“Hey Jaret, how’d the game go?”

“Not bad. We won. I struck out everybody.”



Kinda feel bad that he’s going to GW though. Go Bonnies.

3 thoughts on “St. Eds pitcher throws perfect game, strikes out literally everybody”

  1. This is absolutely embarrassing, pitching your number 1 against a school that doesn’t have a field, has the minimum amount of players, half the players have cleats, it’s unbelievable. Shame on St Eds for doing that


    1. Agreed! Shame on that coach. BUT, don’t take anything away from the kid. He doesn’t chose when or who to pitch against. Tremendous job by that kid regardless of competition. He did an extraordinarily thing. Let him have his props.


  2. With all do respect to people who do not understand high school sports, this was probably a first round playoff game because St. ED’S would never schedule a team like that. That being said, in the playoffs anything goes and you do anything you can to make sure you get a win. If that means throwing the best pitcher on your team, then you do that. This is high school sports, it’s competitive and let’s face it, no one is 8 years old. It’s not about participation and making sure the kids have fun. I’m sure some team, somewhere has beaten John Marshall worse that 10 to 0. Get over yourself people. Clear problem with this country these days, always worried about hurting everyone’s feelings. You people are a joke if you this this is wrong.


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