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This Buckeyes Hype Video Will Actually Get You Excited For Today’s Tulsa Game


Look, Ohio State will probably win by 30+ if they take this game seriously and not look forward to next weekend’s showdown with Oklahoma. That doesn’t mean we can’t manufacture some excitement around here and this video does just that. Don’t know how someone can get excited for a 3:30 game on a Saturday afternoon vs Tulsa yet here I find myself foaming at the mouth and ready to run through a wall.

The whole slate of college football games today stinks but I’m really looking forward to that Va. Tech v Tennessee game tonight for some reason.

Go bucks

Buckeyes 42 Tulsa 13

h/t 11w

Cardale Jones Is Literally A T-Shirt Cannon At Cavs Games

If this whole NFL quarterback thing doesn’t work out, Cardale has a bright future as a live t-shirt cannon for sporting events. Even the schmucks in Loudville have a chance to catch one if he’s out there slinging tees into the crowd during timeouts.

I always laugh at the t-shirt tossers that can’t throw well and barely make it to the sixth row. Well, thankfully with Cardale we don’t have to worry about any weak throws.

I don’t want more Cardale during Cavs playoff games, I NEED more Cardale. Remember how fun he was last year?

Here’s to hoping that wherever Cardale goes in next week’s NFL Draft, he’ll still be attending Cavs games.

Video: Braxton Miller Brings The High Heat As He Throws Out The First Pitch At A Reds Game

Bringing the high heat! As good as Braxton throws the pigskin he may throw the pill even better.  Give him some more pitches and a live batter and he’d paint the black, strike them out, and then tip his cowboy hat because he’s a polite gentleman.

One of the better athlete first pitches I’ve seen. I guess throwing passes for a few seasons at Ohio State doesn’t hurt.

Braxton will always be one of my favorite Buckeyes ever but if he goes to the Bengals or the Steelers I might have to take a year or two off of watching football. (not really)