Mishmash- Naked & high woman steals cop cruiser and leads police on chase; Little league pep talk is a little overboard; Snowboarder in avalanche 

Cleveland pic of the day

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. 📷🌆Clevelandgram Feature🌆📷 ____________________________________ The sky partially opened up yesterday morning during sunrise to give the city a splendid arrangement of colors, allowing for an array of local instagrammers to take advantage and photograph. This wonderful image is by 👉@masello33 👈 of that brilliant effect, including the downtown skyline into the scene. An early bird hump day treat. _ Please go check out Mike's gallery and show some love! ____________________________________ Photo selected by: @inthe216 _ Follow and tag #clevelandgram or #humansofcleveland for a chance to be featured! Please note, we cannot see posts from private accounts. Thank You! #cleveland #ohio #theland #believeland

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There was a giant alligator seen just roaming through Florida

Damn bandwagon fans

Penn College coach catches an errant pass on the sideline and casually nails a 3

A very high and very naked woman stole a police cruiser and led cops on a high speed chase

Seems like a little much for a little league baseball pep talk

Here’s a snowboarder in an avalanche

90’s song of the day



Mishmash- 2 drunk rednecks fight over the last beer; Taco Bell fried chicken she’ll Chalupa; Woman suing Chipotle 

Cleveland pic of the day

These two drunk rednecks fighting over a beer is cinematic art

RIP backboard

Really nice leap over the subway tracks here

A woman is suing Chipotle for 2.2 BILLION dollars because they used a photo of her

Let’s check in and see how John Wall and Jae Crowder are doing

Taco Bell is releasing a chalupa with a fried chicken(!!!) shell


90’s song of the day

Mishmash- Man gets in 3 hour standoff because someone took a bite of his grilled cheese; Awesome Tomi Lahren impression; Booze Keurig

Cleveland pic of the day

First off, Deshaun Watson tweeted this in 2012. I think he kept his promise.

During one of the telecasts during the championship last night, ESPN came back from break right as Bill Walton was talking about weed

This girl nailed an impression of Tomi Lahren. SPOT. ON.

Close call there with the shark

A man had a 3 hour long standoff with police because someone took a bite out of his grilled cheese. I totally understand.

Keurig and Anheuser Busch are teaming up to make a home liquor maker.

90’s song of the day