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Those Creepy Clown Sightings Have Officially Reached Ohio

Via My Dayton Daily News

Reports of clown sightings started in August in South Carolina, then reports of these creepy culprits started popping up nationwide.

People in neighboring states started alerting their local police stations of clowns hanging around and now people are reporting them in Ohio and locally.

Today, Franklin police were called to an apartment complex where a woman reported being chased by someone wearing a plastic clown mask.

Franklin police were unable to locate the clown.

One man in Greenville recently reported being attacked by two clowns.

A group of children in Brookville called the police because of a clown running around in the local woods near where they lived.

The Brookville Police checked the woods and only found Halloween masks.



OK this clown thing needs to stop and needs to stop now. The past few months there’ve been clown sightings all over the US and each one seems to be freakier than the one before it. I’m beginning to start to think that there’s an underground clown crime ring and they’re about to do some shit. Think ‘F Society’ in Mr. Robot or ‘Project Mayhem’ in Fight Club… but with clowns which makes it 100% scarier than it already is. If clowns start to make their way towards the Cleveland area then we need to create some sort of clown crusade and round these assholes up one by one. I’ve seen ‘It’ and I’ve seen the carnival season of ‘American Horror Story,’ so I doubt any of the real life clowns are as scary as the TV clowns. Nothing in real life is more frightening than Pennywise. My theory is that they’re planning a big clown attack around Halloween so stay woke.

PS- Don’t let the killer clowns distract you from the fact that the Warriors…