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Honorary Cleveland Resident Justin Bieber Got In A Fight After The Cavs Game Last Night

That’s how you defend the Land, Biebs! Nice to see someone continuing Kimbo Slice’s legacy.

Rocks a Tribe hat. Attends LeBron’s first game back in Cleveland. Declares that the Cavs are going to do it this year. Hangs out at Barley House on West 6th.


Now gets in a brawl with a dude twice the size of him while wearing an ‘All In’ t-shirt from the Cavs game. WHAT’S NOT TO LIKE? Admittedly I used to think this guy was a little puke, but these past 2 years have shown me otherwise.

I’d like to officially nominate Bieber as an honorary resident of Cleveland. Put him up in The 9. Give him a place in the Flats East Bank. Let him sleep in the guest bedroom at Dennis Leebow’s mansion. He’s our good luck charm and needs to be at game 4 Friday night.

Biebs is here to stay and I, for one, am excited to have him.

video via TMZ

UPDATE: This video shows Biebs being bear hugged by a Warriors fan in a Steph Curry jersey and Biebs wanting to go at him


Justin Bieber Just Guaranteed The Cavs Will Win A Title This Year

“I think LeBron is gonna do it this year”

Welp that does it. Confidence is turned up to a trillion now. No one has had a hotter year than the Biebs and when the Biebs says that LeBron and the Cavs are “gonna do it this year,” then the Cavs are gonna fucking do it this year. Notice he didn’t really specify what “it” is, but that’s why he’s the Biebs. That’s why he’s the global superstar and not just some schmuck typing on a keyboard like I am right now. When Justin predicts a title it carries a little more weight than when us mortals predict one.

Posted a blog post last season about how the Indians were going to win it all last year after Bieber posted a pic with an Indians hat. That went pretty well.

Cover picĀ via DJ Steph Floss

Justin Bieber is all aboard the Cleveland Indians Bandwagon

Mark it down. February 5th, 2015. The day the Cleveland Indians assured themselves of a World Series birth. MARK. IT. DOWN. All these dorks on Twitter calling it the “Bieber Curse” blah blah blah. Hey people, remember when he was photographed with the New England Patriots in December? How’d their season go?

And also, who does Bieber accompany to the ring during boxing matches? Oh, only Floyd Mayweather, ya know, one of the most dominant boxers ever.


So spare me with this loser “Bieber Curse” stuff. We’ll be having a Cavs parade in June and an Indians parade in November led by The Biebs on the first float. Deal with it.

PS- I think the kid is a puke and if the Indians do happen to have a bad season then I’m all for blaming it on Justin