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Where is Ray Farmer?


Here we are, heading towards the month of November with a sub-.500 football team and absolutely no idea what the hell is going on. Down is up, up is down. The team that was supposed to run the football and prevent other teams from doing so can’t do either, our “strong” offensive line and secondary have been maybe the two weakest units collectively on the team, one of our two big pass-catching free-agents has done his job nine times in 162 snaps this year while the other is 0-12, we lost a game because we couldn’t stay on our side of the line of scrimmage before the snap, our Pro Bowl corner is hurt and the guy we took in the first round two years ago that happens to play that position is doing nothing but returning kickoffs, our first round pick from this year is statistically the worst rookie defensive tackle in the NFL (according to PFF), and our backup quarterback is getting more press in the past two days for getting into an argument with his girlfriend than our starting quarterback who has thrown for 1,367 yards and eight touchdowns in the past four weeks. Other than that, wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Every damn year. When the weather starts to turn. Like clockwork.

As all of this is happening, as we’re nipple deep on our yearly tour of the orange and brown septic-tank-on-the-lake, all I keep thinking about is one thing:

Where the hell is Ray Farmer?

Our general manager returned from his four-game suspension just over three weeks ago and we haven’t heard but a whimper from him since (I’m not counting that “official statement from Ray Farmer” the Browns put out about Johnny earlier this week that he neither wrote nor posted himself.) Where is he? Why is he sending his head coach out to the podium to get absolutely pummeled by the media like he did yesterday to answer questions about a player he allegedly didn’t even want? He wants members of his organization to “play like a Brown,” yet he’s general-managing it from behind a curtain like the goddamn Wizard of Oz.

“First and foremost, I would like to extend an apology to Cleveland Browns fans,” Farmer said in a February press conference about his thunder thumbs. “I take full responsibility for myself and my actions.” Ray’s so full of shit his eyes are turning brown. He got SUSPENDED. For TEXT MESSAGING. As a GENERAL MANAGER. He gave 9 million dollars to a guy who he himself is tied with for receptions this year, he’s continually passed up bona fide talents in the draft and the Browns have done nothing but further cement themselves as the laughingstock of the league since he first graced us with his presence two years ago. Where’s our apology now? Why haven’t we seen this guy in months? The last video I can find of him speaking is him talking about Terrelle Pryortwo months ago.

Here’s a snippet of what you get when you search the videos on the Browns website for “Farmer”:


Not a whole lot going on upstairs for Mr. Farmer since the end of July apparently. Actually makes sense.

At least have the decency to come out and lie to our faces, Ray. Tell us that you’re seeing progress from the defense, or you still expect Bowe to contribute, or GOD FORBID how good Josh McCown has been the past four weeks. Hard as it is to believe, it actually looks like you did something right in bringing him in! Get out and take credit for it before these next four or so games. At this point I don’t even care. I’m not expecting to come out and admit to all these colossal failures during his tenure here because that’s not how these things work. Just give us something.

I understand that general managers aren’t always the most public-facing individuals in an organization. And yes I obviously recognize his suspension might have played a role in his silence.  But the Browns aren’t just any organization. And he’s not just any general manager. And it’s been a month. Time to “take full responsibility for yourself and your actions,” Ray.


Mike Polk is Kyle Shanahan in his 32 point exit strategy to leave the Browns (VIDEO)

Damn you Mike Polk. Damn you. I’ve been working on my own 32 pt. Powerpoint presentation to post on here but this just blows it out of the water. This was perfect in every way possible down to Jimmy Haslam’s orange tan to Ray Farmer texting Shanahan during the whole presentation. Andre Knott put on a helluva performance as well.

The sad but true thing about this video is that almost every statement out of the 32 were legitimate reasons to leave. Thirty two reasons. Thirty fucking two. That’s how bad things are right now. Whatever, at least we’re getting new jerseys soon.