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According to Pornhub, Clevelanders watched a sh*t ton of porn after the Cavs lost the Finals.


Via Pornhub Insights

…the really impressive climbs took place once the game ended. In both the winning Bay Area and the losing city of Cleveland, traffic shot way up. The State of Ohio was easing their pain with traffic rates at 25% above average in the hours following the game, while folks in the victorious metropolitan area were celebrating on Pornhub, as noted with the 20% increase in traffic observed a few hours after the game ended.

Silver linings, people. Sure the Cavs lost in the Finals and sure Cleveland hasn’t won a championship in 51 years… but for those 2 hours after the loss there were tons of Clevelanders feeling better about themselves and having sex (with themselves). That’s pretty cool. So after we saw our team get fucked on TV, we opened up our laptops to watch someone… get fucked. Common coping mechanism.

I always love when Pornhub puts these charts out after a big game a la the Super Bowl, or the most recent diagram detailing when Ohio State crushed the soul of every Alabaman with their Sugar Bowl victory. It shows that no matter where you are in the world, the most common way to ease your pain after a big loss isn’t with food, alcohol or drugs, it’s with porn.

I emailed the fine people at Pornhub (what a time to be alive) to see if they have any information like this for us to use. A kind gentleman by the name of Matt promptly responded and sent me this chart (as did a few of out esteemed Twitter followers). It’s not the same % change that Alabama had after the Sugar Bowl loss, but it’s still damn impressive.

Favorite part was at 11 pm Cleveland was around -25% below normal and at 1 am we were +15%. That’s a crazzzy 40% jump. We were definitely All In.