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Four Year Old Falls Into The Gorilla Exhibit At Cincy Zoo And Lives

Video from a zoo goer



Scary situation down in Cincy over the weekend when a 4 year old fell into the gorilla exhibit at the zoo. I can’t even imagine what the parents of this kid were thinking as he was being grabbed by the gorilla who probably outweighs him by 400 lbs. This is legit probably one of the more terrifying things I’ve watched on the Internet.

But here’s the thing that no one is mentioning- this kid now has an AWESOME story to tell for the rest of his life. He can now one up everyone everytime he’s sitting with his buddies. “Oh, your dad played professional baseball? Cool story, bro. I stared into the eyes of a Silverback when I was 4 and lived to tell about it.”

He won’t even need pick up lines. For the rest of his life he’ll be known as the kid who went toe to toe with a gorilla and came out victorious. He’ll be the real life “The Boy Who Lived.”

Now obviously if the boy ends up with a permanent disability or injury this story is incredibly, incredibly sad, but everything I’ve read makes it sound like he’ll be OK. He’s incredibly lucky if he walked away with a couple bruises and maybe a broken bone or two. Unfortunately the gorilla had to be shot which absolutely sucks.

There’s A Dog In The Cincinnati Zoo Who Is Raising Five Orphaned Cheetahs


A nursery dog is stepping in to help nurse five cheetah cubs after their mother passed away over the weekend.

Willow, a 5-year-old cheetah, was lethargic and had no appetite following the C-section birth of her premature cubs. Zoo staff thought she would make a full recovery, according to a press release from spokewoman Michelle Curley.

“Cheetahs are a fragile species and this difficult birth proved to be too much for her to pull through. Without the C-section, we likely would have lost both the mom and the cubs,” Thane Maynard, Director of the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden, said in a press release. “Willow was able to contribute to the survival of her species by producing five cheetah cubs.”

The cubs have been bottle-fed by staff since their birth on March 8.

Now, the zoo has employed the expertise of another baby animal whisperer — an Australian Shepherd dog named Blakely.

And that’s just what you’ll get here on Bottlegate. Sometimes you’ll get almost 1,000 words on why being a Cleveland sports fan is exhausting. Sometimes you’ll get a blog on Jim Harbaugh being destroyed on Twitter.

But today you’re getting video of a dog nursing some baby cheetahs. The cuteness levels were so high I couldn’t not post it. Besides, talking about what LeBron says, tweets, or who he unfollows is getting old.