Taylor Swift vs. Nicki Minaj Music Video Showdown






Two HUGE videos dropped by two of the biggest stars in music this week. And boy, they could not be any more different. You’ve got Taylor Swift’s fun, bubbly, “Aw look at me, I’m kind of awkward but in a funny quirky way hehe” video. And then you’ve got Nicki Minaj’s softcore porno/twerk fest/music video set in the depths of the Amazon rainforest. I also needed to take a shower after I watched it.  Let’s look at the tape.


Outfits–  Well, this one is a bloodbath. The pictures show everything that you need to know.


Screen Shot 2014 08 20 at 12.01.01 AM Video: Nicki Minaj   Anaconda

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 12.01.26 AM


Advantage: Nicki



Dance moves-



Nicki Minaj



Taylor Swift Dance Tutu Gif Shake It Off

Taylor Swift Robot Shake It Off Gif


Sure Nicki shaking her fake ass all over the place was kind of cool but you need to do more than a couple hip thrusters to impress me. I need pizzazz. I need spark. I need some showmanship. I need some spirit. And Taylor DOMINATES this round. All you simpletons out there were probably too busy fantasizing about Nicki twerking to be able to really appreciate how Taylor moved on the screen. Her screen presence is off the charts. I mean, look at this!

Taylor Swift Dance Metallic Gif Shake It Off Video

Plus if we’re comparing backup dancers, this category turns into even more of a massacre. This guy steals the show. He may actually be the best dancer I’ve ever seen to be honest. That arm movement is nothing short of hypnotic.




Advantage: Taylor



Cinematography- I’m not even sure what cinematography is but I felt like it needed to be a category. Nicki’s video has scenes in a jungle, a dance/workout class, and ends with her dancing on some guy from Degrassi. Taylor’s video starts out in a ballet class, has some Lady Gaga futuristic scenes, and a pep rally.


Nicki Minaj

Gotta be honest, don’t think this exercise is doing much





Video “Replayability”– At the end of the day I do have a Y chromosome and there’s just no denying science and nature. I could watch Nicki’s video more times in a row than I could watch Taylor’s video.


Nicki Minaj


Advantage: Nicki


Song– Not Even close. Taylor in a LANDSLIDE. It’s catchy and if it came out in May/June it’d undoubtedly be the song of the summer. I’m 100% serious when I say I already downloaded Shake It Off on my phone and have listened to it 10+ times… The first time I watched the Anaconda video I watched it on mute. Probably the best decision of my life. To call that song “noise” would be giving it a compliment.


Advantage: Taylor


Final Tally– Tough one here. Two great candidates all around. Kinda reminds me of the Rumble In The Jungle where Ali pulled the Rope A Dope on George Foreman. The whole fight seems one sided and BOOM! A quick 5-punch combination ending with a left hook to the head. And that’s how Taylor Swift beat Nicki Minaj. By a calculated strategy that worked out for her in the end. Taylor didn’t need all the bells and ASSES whistles of the Nicki Minaj video. She brought it strong in other ways, and for that Taylor Swift is your champion.


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