Better Call Saul Episode 7: Bingo

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Bingo was pretty much the television equivalent of the 1996 Indians. Sure, the team won 99 games, had the best record in the league and won the AL Central. But they lost 3-1 in the ALDS. And the year before they had won 100 and made it to the World Series. Last week’s episode was impossible to follow. I knew it, you knew it, Gilligan knew it. I saw a lot of people calling it the best hour of television since Ozymandias, and I tend to agree (maybe Season 2 finale of Peaky Blinders? Bueller?). But the show as it is couldn’t survive like that from week to week. It needed to get back on the judicial track in order to advance the plot and get set for the home stretch of Season 1.

Episode 7 was the second out of the last three episodes that didn’t begin with a flashback, so I suppose I can stop writing about that “pattern” now (although the pattern of the episode titles ending in “O” remained). It picked up right where Five-O left off, in the aftermath of Mike snatching the notebook containing the details of the investigation of the double homicide that he committed. The two detectives from Philadelphia gave us a little good cop, bad cop action, with the younger acting as the latter when he gets into it with both Mike and Jimmy. Once he leaves, Mike asks Jimmy to go so he can speak with the older cop alone. My initial reaction was that it was his old partner because of the level of candidness with which they spoke. Basically the old cop told Mike he should talk to his daughter-in-law before they do so he can make sure she stays quiet. He knows Mike killed Hoffman and Fensky. And he’s clearly fine with it.

007 - D43k5JU

Cut to the parking lot, where Jimmy is waiting for Mike to finish up his conversation with one of the “Philly cheesesteak”s. He’s visibly worried that his complicity in the coffee scheme has caused his name to be added to the Philadelphians’ list of people in Albuquerque they’d like to lock up. Mike insists he’s in the clear, thanks him for his services and tells Jimmy to send him the bill.

Another day, another grocery run for Chuck. Jimmy enters his house chirping his usual song, but concern escalates quickly when Chuck doesn’t right away answer his beckon. Turns out the old bro is outside, standing in the electromagnetic elements in an effort to force his body to fix itself..I guess. If I’m being honest I hope this plot line/his life gets wrapped up here in the next episode or two cause I’m kinda over it. I think I care about the dynamic between Jimmy and Chuck the least out of every relationship he has in the entire show, just behind the silver garbage can in the HH&M parking garage.

021 - aLnO6el

Chuck goes on to tell Jimmy about his new found determination to cure himself of his “disease”. I read some opinions that Jimmy’s emotions regarding this were less happiness and more nervousness, as his brother would be able to discover the fraud behind his ways if he was finally able to return to the real world again. Sure there might have been a small dash of worry in there somewhere, but I took that emotion as genuine joy from Jimmy that his brother finally realized his disease was something that (maybe) could be willed out of him. Either way, Jimmy intentionally leaves boxes of case files at the house knowing Chuck will be too tempted not to go over them once he exits. He’s right.

The relationship we all want to see “play out”, eh eh eh, is that between Jimmy and Kim. Apparently Jimmy does too, as we see him bring Kim to the site of his fabulous new office(s) he’s planning on moving into with what we can only assume is the Kettlemoney. After formally offering her a job as  a partner and the only corner office in the joint, Kim cites her responsibility to HH&M and reluctantly declines. Jimmy tries to play it off with a classic “Oh I was JK anyway just seeing how you’d react” play, but you can see the rejection cut pretty deep.

The Kettlemans can go fly a kite along with Chuck as far as I’m concerned, too. Tits Mc Betsy slowly unraveled throughout the episode, starting with the scene where Kim tries to convince them to take the deal she’s worked out for Craig. She insists they won’t take a “deal” because “that’s what OJ got”. So they fire Kim, come crawling back to Jimmy and insist he represent them since he’s technically on retainer with the money they stole from the city.


106 - i2KwFkg

Kettleman “Fire & Ice” theory (/u/pandapoderoso)

Thankfully for Jimmy, Mike hasn’t paid his bill yet and owes him one. In probably my favorite part of the episode, Gilligan gifts us with another couple minutes of Magic Mike. He sprays Jimmy’s last wad of Kettlecash with invisible ink and places it in the bed of one of the Kiddleman’s remote-controlled truck. Craig finds it when he takes the trash out, talks to Tits, sends the kids up to their rooms and eventually turns in for the night himself. Enter Mike, stage deck. He uses a blacklight to figure out what door was opened with a hand covered in the ink and finds the whole stash-o-cash under the sink. Jimmy “does the right thing” with like a million air quotes, puts his last stack back with the rest of it and hands the bag of money to Mike to deliver to the DA’s house.

At the end of Five-O we got to see Mike outside of his usual curmudgeon self, displaying normal human being emotions we previously thought he just didn’t have the capacity for. Bingo was similar with Jimmy. The exchange with the Kettlemans got the ball rolling. He was defeated after getting turned down by Kim and relinquishing his (albeit dirty) money, ruining his shot for the new office. His comments during their conversation (“I’ve got nothing to lose. Seriously, you should see my office.”) were a far cry from his normal inappropriately hilarious antics. He returns to the office for what I took to be one last look, slams the corner office door on the camera and throws some sort of off-screen fit. He musters up all the glitter he can and halfheartedly answers his phone as his “assistant” before the Gilligan black screen of death.

Three episodes left, people.

Breaking Bad Callbacks

  • Bathroom guy (who also appeared on one of the wanted posters at the beginning of the episode) was also magnet guy from BB

@Bottlegate, playas

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