VIDEO: Akron High School Recovers A “Buttpunt” And Returns It For A Touchdown

And the start of Ohio High School football is off to a hot start with the Ol’ Buttpunt. 2015 coming in hot!

Might as well just gift wrap that touchdown too. Guarantee that dude who came up with the ball won’t score an easier touchdown in his life. Week 1 into the high school season and we’ve already got the clear favorite for Top 10 (or Not Top 10) play of the year.

I can’t bring myself to make fun of this punter. Punters are people too and as a former high school punter (coffin corner extraordinaire) I’ve had my share of embarrassing kicks. I too once had a punt blocked… But my favorite play happened when our long snapper (the other writer on this site) snapped the ball clear over my head and instead of trying to pick up the ball and try to get the punt off, I panicked and just straight soccer kicked the ball towards the line of scrimmage. It went like 5 feet off the ground and about 15 yards past the original line of scrimmage. No one knew if it was even legal or not. I specifically remember the refs huddling and the line saying “I’ve never seen that before.” The other team ended up getting the ball where we snapped it from, scored a touchdown the next play, and we lost the game. Sigh. Probably my most 2nd embarrassing football play ever.*

*My most embarrassing play was running the option in 8th grade vs Mentor. I went to pitch the ball to our running back, got leveled, and the option was intercepted and returned for a touchdown.To this day I still get shit for that. Mentor was good.

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