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I’d Like To Introduce You To Ohio’s Next Governor

This is the story of a man who spits in the face of adversity. A man who marches to the beat of his own drum. When the chips are down, you can depend on this man no matter what the situation is. A man that will fight for that inch, that will tear himself and everyone else around him to pieces for that inch. An Ohio man.  A man that when hardship strikes, his true colors come out. And those colors are scarlet and gray.

UPDATE: Take the above paragraph and apply it to this guy too

I Think The Braxton Miller Wide Receiver Experiment Is Going To Work Out Pretty Well

Man. When Braxton announced his position change a few months ago, I figured it’d be a process and he’d have to go through some growing pains on his way to being a serviceable wideout in Urban Meyer’s offense. Nah. Boy was I wrong. Braxton made his presence known the first time he touched the football by making a diving catch that even the most seasoned of wideouts would have trouble making. When the ball is in Braxton’s hands, good things will happen.

This offense is downright terrifying.

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