Guy at Kent State berating a minivan driver promptly gets thrown like a ragdoll


Well that’s what happens when you fuck with the wrong minivan. This video occurred at Kent State and it went 0-100 real quick. One moment this dude is swearing at the person inside of the car, the next moment he’s face up on the pavement not knowing where the hell he is. Someone needs to take this poor guy to the Water Street Tavern and buy him a beer STAT.

Now while we don’t know all the details of the story, I think we can all agree getting bundled and dragged by a minivan is about one of the most emasculating things that can happen to you as a man. A MINIVAN. Sheesh. When you approach a car and are banging on the window and swearing at the driver, all of your basic human rights go out the window. You should expect the worst. This guy is lucky he didn’t get caught under a tire or two. Kent read, Kent write, Kent go around banging on people’s windows without consequences.


h/t Cleveland Scene

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