Brawl in a Columbus Walmart parking lot ends with a dude getting tased into oblivion

YouTube– Only at Walmart on main st, people fighting and hit getting tased

Nice little brouhaha in a Columbus Walmart parking lot to get your Friday started. There’s just something about seeing someone drop like a sack of bricks after getting hit with a taser, ya know? If you can’t get a good laugh after seeing someone get tased and tensing up as stiff as a board then I don’t want to know you as a person. What makes this video even better is the nice serene rainbow in the background. I almost missed the fight because I was focusing too hard on the rainbow.

How do we know this is in Columbus, you ask? Well, the YouTube uploader is named Tiarra Brundidge. Her Facebook says she currently lives in Columbus. Columbus is also home to a Wal Mart in Whitehall that is located on a “Main Street.” Boom. Journalism 101 by your boys over on Bottlegate dot com.

This gif has been floating around Twitter. Good lord.


Still the best taser video:

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