Our Final Edition of Offseason #PryorPorn Before Browns Training Camp Starts

Prior Pryor (lol) posts

Pryor’s first videos running routes

Pryor working with Randy Moss

Terrelle making a one handed catch on a post

Terrelle is working with Josh Gordon, Mike Evans, and Randy Moss


Welp. This is it. All the hard work Terrelle has been putting in (about 6 weeks) of learning and training for the wide receiver position comes down to this. As he heads into his first training camp at his new position, let’s do one last check in and see what he’s been up to.


He did some dumbbell lunges with chains on his body


He laid on the ground and caught passes. I remember doing something like this in high school and I was God awful at it


Took a picture and worked with Steve Smith at Randy Moss’s camp. Look at the height difference between Smith and Pryor. It’s nuts that a guy that short has had such a successful career.



THE NEW BIG 3 (someone get TP some pants)


Front knot bandana swag


And the last workout video he posted before camp consisted of him doing some sort of 1 legged toe touch dumbbell raise while getting hit with a pad. NO IDEA if this is even a tad effective but I’m immediately incorporating it into my workout regimen.


Pryor is by far the most interesting storyline of training camp, let’s hope he can make the team and contribute this season. I’m definitely rooting for him.


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