Oh Look Here’s A Taco Bell Worker Digging In His Butt At A Taco Bell In Sandusky

YUM! Nothing like some cheesy fiesta dingleberries when you make a run for the border. This fella in the photo lost his job which is really the only course of action Taco Bell could have taken. No one wants to eat a poopy Beefy Five Layered Burrito.

With that said, if you eat Taco Bell willingly/not drunk on a Friday or Saturday night, you have to kind of just accept that sometimes there may be some feces particles in your Doritos Locos Tacos. How do you think the seasoned beef is so brown? Why do you think your Quesarito has such a distinct flavor? Really makes you think.

No matter if this gross dude or a normal TB worker prepares your Cheesy Gordita Crunch, there’s still a 95% chance you’re going to have explosive diarrhea within 5 hours of eating it. That’s just a fact.

h/t Cleveland Scene

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