McDonald’s Is Testing Mac & Cheese At Cleveland Locations And We Need To Find Out Which Ones


McDonald’s (MCD)is experimenting with a limited roll-out of mac and cheese, a tried-and-true comfort food that recently appeared on McDonald’s menus.

McDonald’s is offering mac and cheese in only 18 restaurants in the Cleveland area of Ohio, which has quietly served as a test market since the summer.

McDonald’s sells mac and cheese Happy Meals for $3. Mac and cheese is the entrée, alongside fries, fruit and milk. The four-ounce portion has less than 200 calories, with five grams of protein and five grams of whole grains, according to the company.

Since November, McDonald’s has also sold mac and cheese separately for $1.75.

McComb said it will be served through February. And after that … who knows?

I count on you guys for a lot of things. Usually when something happens on the Cleveland/Cleveland sports scene I’ll get inundated with tweets at the Bottlegate Twitter account. People send funny videos and funny pictures all the time.

Why has no one notified me that McDonald’s is now serving mac and cheese in Cleveland?? McDonalds and mac and cheese is basically what I live for so a little heads up here would be nice. You know McD’s is injecting a bunch of preservatives and hormones into that mac and cheese to make it delicious too.

Why is it only being offered as a Happy Meal though? Kinda discriminatory to our rights as mac and cheese loving adults, no? As a 27 year old am I allowed to roll up to the McDonalds drive thru and order 5 mac and cheese Happy Meals or is that frowned upon? I NEED to try this mac and cheese.

I expect a full review from someone out there. Keep your eyes open, people.



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