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VIDEO: Akron Longsnapper Makes An Insane 8 Story High Trick Shot Into A Moving Target

Boom! Suck it, Dude Perfect. Just another reason why being a long snapper is the best job in the world.

Very chill nonchalant celebration as well.


From what I’ve gathered in 5 seconds of Twitter research, this is part of a competition between longsnappers from Ohio U, Akron, and other teams in the MAC. #LongSnapperWars

Here are a couple more videos from Akron

And here are some videos from OU

Right now Akron has the slight lead but I fully expect OU to come out swinging and I for one can’t wait.

College football. Nothing like it.

Long live #MACTION and long live longsnappers.

The University of Akron is looking to change it’s name to “Ohio Polytech Institute”

From Ohio.com

University of Akron President Scott Scarborough will address the possibility of changing the name of the school during a speech this month at the City Club of Cleveland.

UA spokeswoman Eileen Korey confirmed Thursday that he will deal with the issue, but she would not say what he will discuss.

Rumors have swirled that Scarborough, who took over as president last year, plans to announce a new name for the university to better represent its polymer and engineering specialties.

He is slated to speak before the City Club at noon May 15. His speech is titledMore Than Harvard: Building a Great Public University in Northeast Ohio.

The possibility already is being met with resistance, with some opponents latching onto the potential name Ohio Polytech Institute.


The… Ohio… Polytech… Institute? No way. That sounds like it’s a step down from ITT Tech and maybe a step up from the University of Phoenix. There’s no way that name is even being considered, is there? Look, I have absolutely no ties to AK Rowdy but if this name change happens it’d be one of the dumbest and most ridiculous collegiate blunders of all time.

Just look how bad that looks compared with the other teams in the MAC:


I texted Zack the t-shirt guy who graduated from Akron a few years ago about this and this was his response:

zack1 zack2

Seems pretty thrilled.


There’s also a Change.org petition going around condemning the name change. If you’re a Zip or know anyone that’s a Zip, go and sign it

Petition: Stop the Name Change initiated by Scott Scarborough

Update from the University’s Facebook page