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The Browns Just Cannot Lose To This Guy On Sunday


I cannot lose to this guy on Sunday. Can’t do it. Won’t do it. I don’t care if he was 16 in this video or if that this is what North Dakotans do for fun. I can’t personally handle the Browns dropping a game to this putz and then most likely dropping 2 games to that ginger in Cincy and that dullard from Baltimore. 

The Browns will forever be linked to Carson Wentz after trading out of the #2 pick after they decided he wasn’t worth it. Sunday can be a nice start in making sure the Browns made the right decision by passing on Wentz.

This video makes me a little ashamed I wanted the Browns to draft “can’t miss.”

I liked it better than the Dude Perfect videos though.

 The Eagles had a little fun with it

VIDEO: Akron Longsnapper Makes An Insane 8 Story High Trick Shot Into A Moving Target

Boom! Suck it, Dude Perfect. Just another reason why being a long snapper is the best job in the world.

Very chill nonchalant celebration as well.


From what I’ve gathered in 5 seconds of Twitter research, this is part of a competition between longsnappers from Ohio U, Akron, and other teams in the MAC. #LongSnapperWars

Here are a couple more videos from Akron

And here are some videos from OU

Right now Akron has the slight lead but I fully expect OU to come out swinging and I for one can’t wait.

College football. Nothing like it.

Long live #MACTION and long live longsnappers.

Not only is Mount Union a football powerhouse they also pump out trick shot golfers

So I guess when Mount Union isn’t busy winning national championships, producing NFL receivers, or producing the fifth most athletic guy in the world; they’re just churning out trick shot golfer after trick shot golfer. How many other DIII schools’ golf teams have made #1 on Sportscenter’s Top 10? That’s just the Raider way I guess.