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Guy petitions White House demanding Obama reinstate Josh Gordon


By now you’ve heard every sports take on the planet in regards to Josh Gordon and his suspension. The ol’ “Hit Mary= 2 games. Hit Mary Jane= 1 year.” I admit I’m fired up about the whole situation. The NFL handled this situation so poorly it makes your head spin. But that’s the way the NFL operates. It’s so far out of touch with reality. No common sense. Roger Goodell just walking around the NFL offices with a big dump in his pants all day. The common fans of the NFL may shrug off Fuhrer Goodell’s actions, but not I! No sir, I will not stand for it because I am an American in the United States of America. And being an American in the United States of America it says somewhere that you have the right to petition. And that’s just what I’ll do.

Press play and continue reading. Let the music build a little bit though

I hereby demand Mr Obama and friends reinstate Josh Gordon and strip Roger Goodell of his commissioner duties immediately. I won’t stand for his tyranny any longer! But I can’t do it alone, I need your help to have our voices be heard! This is not the America I was raised on! The America I grew up with didn’t allow dictators. The America I grew up with showed videos on MTV. In the America I grew up in you were treated fairly and with respect. My two grandfathers didn’t serve in WWII to see this sort of autocracy threaten the very thing we hold near and dear to our hearts; our FREEDOM!

We will not go quietly into the night! We will not vanish without a fight! We’re going to live on! We’re going to survive! Today we celebrate… the reinstatement of Joshua Caleb Gordon and Cleveland’s subsequent Super Bowl victory!!! USA!! USA!! USA!! USA!! USA!!


Click here to #FreeJoshGordon and sign the petition in honor of your freedom



I NEED this @GVArtwork T-shirt

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My takeaways from Browns vs Rams

1. The new video boards are fantastic. They completely change the dynamic of the stadium and it feels like a brand new place. The sound system is also an enormous upgrade. For the past couple seasons I usually sat in the upper deck (because I’m poor) and the sound system was AWFUL. It was a nice change hearing some hip hop music and not hearing a rattling sound while your seat vibrates.

Instagram media by wfnyscott - Not bad, @officialbrowns. #cleveland #browns #firstenergystadium #stlvscle #latergram


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Almost time. #STLvsCLE

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2. Why the Browns chose to defer to the second half after winning the coin toss might have been the most asinine move of the night. When your offense clearly needs work, wouldn’t you want to maximize your offensive possessions against the Rams first team defense? Very questionable decision to start the game.

3. I really think we’ll have a solid run game. I do. But when there is no deep threat on the field/when you don’t throw the ball more than 11 yards, how do you keep a defense honest? When the weather starts to turn why won’t teams decide to stack 8 in the box on every play and dare the Browns to throw?

4. Is Nate Burleson going to make the team? He’s missed every preseason game, isn’t practicing, and just turned 33. Unless he plays in the 4th preseason game and actually makes an impact my prediciton is he gets cut. He’s basically this year’s David Nelson.

5. Every time you hear and see this on third down-

Automatically means the opposing team will be getting a first down. It’s automatic. Death/taxes/Opposing teams converting on third down vs. the Browns.

6. The only bright spots during the whole game were the rookie Chris Kirksey and the kick return team. It seemed like every person they put back there to return a kick was getting between a 30-50 yard return. Hopefully Travis Benjamin can break a couple big returns while handling permanent return duties. If we’re being honest, he’ll probably have A LOT of chances.

7. Even though it was vs. the 2s and 3s, Johnny looked a lot more poised and confident this game than last. He had a couple balls dropped and wasn’t helped by the 2nd team offensive line. When he first came into the game you could feel the energy and excitement in the stadium. It was quite the contrast from the overall feeling of apathy in the 1st half.

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Who wants more of this?! JOHNNY!!!!!! #GoBrowns

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I squealed like a girl

8. If the Browns 1st team defense looked like that against Shaun Hill and Austin freaking Davis imagine what they’ll look like against Ben Roethlisberger, Drew Brees, and Joe Flacco. Heh. I know its preseason but c’mon, you made Hill and Davis look like they were playing 7 on 7. I know there was no Joe Haden but still.

9. I love the Browns new dog Swagger.

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I don’t appreciate Butler’s bulldog talking shit though.

Found a picture of Swagger in the future after a week 14 loss to the Colts

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10. This guy is gonna be poor.

After this game my updated Browns record for this season went from 11-5 to 10-6. (Kidding. I think?)

Do you smell that? College football is just around the corner

Oh. My. God.  Best hype video ever? Football season is creeping closer and closer and I for one can’t wait one more minute. Waking up at 10 AM to see Herbie, Corso and Fowler on College Gameday. Corso’s crazy ass putting on his Brutus Buckeye head, or dressing up as the USC Trojan. Getting your first wave of bets in for the noon kickoffs. Cracking your first beer/ripping your first shot of Fireball before noon. CBS airing the main SEC game at 3:30. Maybe get a nice Baylor vs Oklahoma Big 12 game starting at like 7. This is when you’ll usually take a little break from your Saturday drinking and collect yourself because College Football Saturdays are a marathon, not a sprint.  Then you’re ready to feast on the main dish at 8 pm on ABC. Get to hear the sweet sounds of Brent Musberger Chris Fowler and Kirk Herbstreit in prime time. So much build up the week before for the #2 team to play the #5 team. 3 straight hours watching the game at a friend’s house or at the bar. Then the game ends. Oh, but you’re not done. The PAC 12 games are just starting and Marcus Mariota and Oregon are playing Arizona at home in Eugene.

Gotta admit, this picture hurts

BTW is Herbie the most beautiful man in America? That’s rhetorical. He is.

This is why I choose college football Saturdays over NFL Sundays 97 times out of 100. It’s a nonstop football gala from 10 AM Saturday till about 2 AM on Sunday. No downtime, football in your face for about 16 straight hours. And the most underrated part of College Football Saturdays? No work the next day. So you can drink your face off all day and not have to worry about any responsibilities in the future.

The traditions, the conferences, the Hail Marys, the bands, College Gameday, Hesiman campaigns, cheerleaders, student sections, Seven Nation Army (even though it’s completely overplayed), Jump Around at Camp Randall, the Block O, the Gator Chomp, hating Mark May’s face, Lou Holtz’s butchering of the English language, USC Song Girls, Clemson’s Howard’s Rock, Penn State whiteouts…. just… ahh