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VIDEO: Michael Wilbon Declares War; Is Tired Of “The Slurping And Overinflating Of The SEC”

On today’s episode of PTI, Wilbon was asked if he’d rather see Michigan State or Ohio State win on Saturday. Wilbon says he’d rather see Ohio State win because he’s tired of people slurping and overinflating the SEC and he thinks the Bucks can take down the mighty Alabama Crimson Tide (who haven’t won a bowl game since 2013).

Welcome to the team, Mike.

Wilbon is a Northwestern guy so he’s probably just as tired as you or I of the constant media circle jerk when it comes to the SEC. If the Big Ten has to be the one to crush the SEC’s dreams for the second straight year, then so be it. Go Bucks. Go Big Ten.



(VIDEO) Colin Cowherd Eviscerates the SEC, Says Ohio State “Would Run Through The SEC”

Do it to ’em, Colin! Do it to ’em! So basically what Colin said here is what I said last week– the SEC is overrated and dead. Usually when Colin opens his mouth I find myself plugging my ears, but not this time. After Arkansas’s loss to the 3rd best team in Ohio and Auburn needing overtime to beat vaunted Jacksonville State, it’s safe to say the SEC isn’t what it used to be.

“Your quarterback play is embarrassing.” 

100% true. Take the 4 best QBs in the Big 10 (Connor Cook, Christian Hackenberg, Cardale Jones, JT Barrett) put them on an SEC team, and they’re probably the best player in the entire conference. The conference is stuck in 2012 when Alabama and LSU were playing in the title game putting up a whopping combined 21 points. You need to score points in today’s college football, and those SEC quarterbacks ain’t putting up 35-40 points on a consistent basis.

Do you smell that? College football is just around the corner

Oh. My. God.  Best hype video ever? Football season is creeping closer and closer and I for one can’t wait one more minute. Waking up at 10 AM to see Herbie, Corso and Fowler on College Gameday. Corso’s crazy ass putting on his Brutus Buckeye head, or dressing up as the USC Trojan. Getting your first wave of bets in for the noon kickoffs. Cracking your first beer/ripping your first shot of Fireball before noon. CBS airing the main SEC game at 3:30. Maybe get a nice Baylor vs Oklahoma Big 12 game starting at like 7. This is when you’ll usually take a little break from your Saturday drinking and collect yourself because College Football Saturdays are a marathon, not a sprint.  Then you’re ready to feast on the main dish at 8 pm on ABC. Get to hear the sweet sounds of Brent Musberger Chris Fowler and Kirk Herbstreit in prime time. So much build up the week before for the #2 team to play the #5 team. 3 straight hours watching the game at a friend’s house or at the bar. Then the game ends. Oh, but you’re not done. The PAC 12 games are just starting and Marcus Mariota and Oregon are playing Arizona at home in Eugene.

Gotta admit, this picture hurts

BTW is Herbie the most beautiful man in America? That’s rhetorical. He is.

This is why I choose college football Saturdays over NFL Sundays 97 times out of 100. It’s a nonstop football gala from 10 AM Saturday till about 2 AM on Sunday. No downtime, football in your face for about 16 straight hours. And the most underrated part of College Football Saturdays? No work the next day. So you can drink your face off all day and not have to worry about any responsibilities in the future.

The traditions, the conferences, the Hail Marys, the bands, College Gameday, Hesiman campaigns, cheerleaders, student sections, Seven Nation Army (even though it’s completely overplayed), Jump Around at Camp Randall, the Block O, the Gator Chomp, hating Mark May’s face, Lou Holtz’s butchering of the English language, USC Song Girls, Clemson’s Howard’s Rock, Penn State whiteouts…. just… ahh