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Here Are 45 Pictures Of MSU QB Connor Cook’s Sister, Jackie Cook

The Buckeyes square off against Connor Cook and the Michigan State Spartans this weekend in a game with enormous Big Ten and playoff implications. Connor is a Cleveland kid who just happens to have a gorgeous sister named Jackie. Anytime a Big Ten¬†college QB has a smokeshow sister from Cleveland, you can bet your ass she’s getting her own gallery. Introducing Jackie Cook.


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The Ohio State-Michigan State Hype Video Will Make You Want To Run Through A Brick Wall For Fun

We’ve posted these Ohio State hype videos during the season, but let’s be honest, how hyped can you get to watch the Buckeyes play Illinois or Rutgers? But this game has been circled on the calendar for months. Michigan State coming into Ohio Stadium for revenge. Biggest game since Oregon in January. I can’t wait.


The top 2 reasons the Buckeyes win this game

  1. The tight ends coach rode a horse onto the practice field Thursday night and shouted “This is not Sparta!”


2. It’s this guy’s last game in The Shoe

Bucks 34 Spartans 23

UPDATE: There’s another hype video so excuse me while I go change my underwear


Ohio State Coach Rides A Horse Onto The Practice Field And Yells “This Is Not Sparta” In Preparation For The Game Against Michigan State

Wonder what Michigan State is doing to prepare for this game? Probably studying film, looking at OSU tendencies, and devising an offensive gameplan for Connor Cook and co.

What’s Ohio State doing? We’ve got coaches riding horses onto the practice field and screaming “This is not Sparta!” in his best Leonidas voice. All he needs to do now is kick Mark Dantonio down a well.


You tell me which strategy works better.

Bucks 34 Spartans 23

Slick Willy was also in attendance during the Bucks practice tonight

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