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“Drink Like A Brown” Shirts Are Officially For Sale. Get Yours Now!

That face you make when we finally put our “Drink Like A Brown” shirts up

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All week long people have been tweeting us “Where can we get those “Drink Like A Brown” shirts?  Well I’ve been waiting for the right time to throw them up on the blog and there’s no better time than right now.

Huge division win vs. the hated Ravens. Huge huge win. What’s even better is that Peyton Manning comes to town next weekend and we have a chance to get to .500… What better shirt to wear while boozing your face off in the Muni Lot next Sunday than this baby?


I’ll sweeten the deal a little more- If you screenshot your receipt and tweet or Direct Message it to @Bottlegate, I’ll personally send you 2 of these koozies for absolutely free. You MUST tweet us the screenshot to get them.



Best deal ever or best deal ever?

Say hello to the bad guys. Cleveland “nWo” shirts now available for purchase



If we have to be the bad boys of the NBA then f*ck it, we will be. We’ll punch Jae Crowder in the face, dunk on Joakim Noah’s soul, hit game winners in your eye, and call timeouts when we don’t have any. Newsflash to Cavs fans- EVERYONE IN THE COUNTRY hates us and wants us to lose. We’re the Villains. We’re the heels of the sporting world and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Embrace it and feed off of the hatred.

This dude is my favorite. Gotta respect the passion

And this is just .0000001% of the hate you’ll see on Twitter. Funny how things work. The whole country is against us and I love it.



Click here to buy

As always, special S/O to Zack from CF Smoke who designed these gems

(also before anyone chirps me and says “It was Razor Ramon from WWF not Scott Hall from NWO that said ‘Say hello to the bad guy’ you idiot,” I know this)