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VIDEO: Woman At The Cavs Game Has Amazing Robot Moves

Do not tell this woman that the Cavs just got embarrassed on national TV and lost to the Warriors 132-98. She’s gonna dance her ass off and do the robot no matter what the score is and that’s something you just have to respect…  Which is what I’m going to do. Every hot take on Twitter and sports radio I see and hear this week I’m just going to start doing The Robot as a response. Trade Kevin Love? Robot. Fire David Blatt? Robot. LeBron will never win a title in Cleveland? Robot.

Just gonna Robot myself to death this week and that’s something I’m prepared to do.

Ohio Woman Says Her Cousin Burnt Her Garage Down Because “he’s mad he can’t get with me”

(video gets good around the 1 minute mark)

“He’s mad because he can’t get with me. I’m married to my husband and it’s a long story…”

Well. OK ya little firecracker!

Props to the interviewer for keeping it together and not keeling over from laughter after she dropped the line about her cousin wanting to bang her. That’s the beauty of live TV, it’s like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get. And that’s how these things go viral. Sometimes you’ll get gems like Antoine Dodson, or the Bubb Rubb guy, and sometimes you’ll get people referring to incest with their cousin.

This woman’s husband…. just pray for him. He’s had a rough month.