Avon kid arrested after tweeting about plans to shoot police officers


From The Chronicle-Telegram:

“AVON — A local man was arrested for threatening physical harm to law enforcement officers via Twitter earlier this month.

Lewis Lake, 18, of the 3100 block of Stoney Ridge Road, was arrested and charged with making a terroristic threat and aggravated menacing after he allegedly posted the threats.

Avon City Prosecutor Richard Kray said Lake posted comments saying he was going to get some guns and shoot police.

Kray said Lake made a series of threats on social media in which police were brought up a number of times. He didn’t provide specifics about whether threats were made in a single day, over a period of time or the exact phrases Lake used.

According to Avon Lake Municipal Court records, Lake has not entered a plea. He is scheduled to appear in court at 9 a.m. Sept. 24.”

There’s dumb people, there’s people who think Moe’s is better than Chipotle and then there’s folks like Mr. Lake here. Sure, let’s fire up some tweets about shooting guns at the one group of people whose job it is to, you know, stop people from shooting other people with guns.  And then they ARRESTED YOU? In other shocking news, the sky is blue, water is wet and the Browns starting quarterback was concussed after the first series of the year. Christ.

This is like the scholars who tease horses at a zoo and take a hoof to the nuts, or the bully at school who mocks the class nerd relentlessly only to find out the kids parents have had him in Jiu Jitsu since he was 8. Except Lewis here didn’t have the fortitude to walk on down to the station and poke the bear himself…he hid behind his iPhone. Good luck in court, thunderthumbs.

PS It’s funny though, “terroristic threats” and “aggravated menacing” are pretty spot-on when used to describe my reactions to the first 60 minutes of Cleveland Browns football this season

PPS We don’t do a “Chronicle.northcoastnow.com Comments of the Week” feature here at Bottlegate, but maybe we should start



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