MMDB: Burning Jerseys, Sad Kids, Bagheads, Sad Shirts, Pettine Pays For Tinder, And Empty Parking Lots

MMDB: Monday Morning Disappointment Blog

(no affiliation and not a ripoff of anything SI does every Monday, I swear)

So instead of actually recapping the game yesterday we’re going to put together a disappointment blog. Not much to work with when your only highlights are a Gary Barnidge 24 yard catch and an Isaiah Crowell 23 yard run. There’s nothing worth reliving that happened in the actual game but there were so many things that happened in Cleveland off of it.

Lets go:

This was The Pit around 3 hours before kickoff. Couple empty spots there.

via @bootsycollins6
via @bootsycollins6

We had hooligans running around on the field before the game even started. Unfortunately, this was the most rushing Cleveland would see all day

“Cleveland Curse 216”

#browns #cle #clevelandcurse216

A photo posted by Iris Goode (@goodeiris) on

We had a guy at Barley House who was literally giving away a prize package to someone if they would just please come and take his tickets

Thankfully some brave soul snatched up the tickets and swag

This guy didn’t even bother giving his tickets away

Even the shirts were sad

The stadium was packed before the game

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Some go getter said “Fuck yo concessions” and brought pizza into the stadium

via @dennyschultz2
via @dennyschultz2

The bagheads were out in full force

Team Spirit at the Browns game!

A photo posted by Micho Sahlani (@michosahlani) on

And then this happened 😔

A photo posted by Coop (@larry_coop) on

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Biggest pet peeve: Wearing a jersey of a team that’s not even playing. Makes no sense.

I probably would too

via @linder_seattle
via @linder_seattle

I really do have a special place in my heart for the diehards who dress up only to have their hearts stomped into oblivion every Sunday

I think we can all agree you’re a Grade A loser if you pay for Tinder. Nevermind his coaching record, paying for Tinder is a fireable offense by itself.

via @cazremmos
via @cazremmos

Love this guy

via @fritz_dacat
via @fritz_dacat


This dude had an entire row to himself if he wanted it

Some advice to all Browns fans out there: NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER in your life buy season tickets. Worst investment ever. Buy them for a little above face value on Stubhub for the first 4 home games when there’s still hope. When November and December roll around you’ll be able to buy them for $7.00.

via @bobferrato
via @bobferrato


Johnny and Jordan Poyer’s girlfriends were interested in the game. Don’t blame them one bit, sometimes you have to create your own fun.

Half time feat. @maddi_elyse 🤓

A video posted by Colleen Crowley (@coll_crowley) on

This pic really hit home for me. Damn I feel bad for this guy. As a 27 year old I’ve never seen a winning football team so I don’t know what it feels like. I’m able to laugh off losses. These are the people I feel sorry for though- the 40 and overs who have actually seen this team win and know what the playoffs feel like.

¯\_(ツ)_/¯      ¯\_(ツ)_/¯      ¯\_(ツ)_/¯      ¯\_(ツ)_/¯      ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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The fans were not impressed by the clock management

Using XXXL paper bags was a nice touch

via @chrisw31ch

It finally happened. The Browns finally lost a superfan for life. Let’s pour one out for Captain Cleveland.

pour one out asap asap crew rip yams

C’mon, you at least have to take the free stuff…

Good grief.

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The 4th quarter came and the place was packed and jumping!

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This little kid learned a good lesson yesterday. Nothing like a little father-son bonding time to teach what the term “disappointment” means.

Embedded image permalink

I mean…. damn

Embedded image permalink

Well, the game ended and we started burning jerseys

I wonder how many texts this phone number gets like this per game


via @BeardOfWonder
via @BeardOfWonder


Anyone need a real estate agent?

via @usatsportsimage
via @usatsportsimage


Helluva day at FirstEnergy Stadium.

2-10. On to San Francisco.


Play us out, Adele!

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