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“Another One In Alliance” Mount Union Championship Shirts On Sale Now



Mount Union won another National Championship last Friday after beating St. Thomas 49-35. It was the 12th time the Purple Raiders raised that trophy and the first time under head coach Vince Kehres.

Mount Union linebacker Jonathan Gonell (8) and defensive lineman,Mount Union linebacker Jonathan Gonell (8) and defensive lineman Mike Furda (86)


Available in black & purple and in men’s & women’s t-shirts and hoodies.

No better late Christmas gift for a Purple Raider than this shirt celebrating their 12th title. Hands down you’ll be the best dressed person in Alliance wearing these threads.


Huuuge thanks to our partner Zack from CFSmoke for the design and putting words into action.

STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING AND LISTEN- Ohio State National Championship Highlight Video

Have you ever been so pumped up, so emotional and excited, so motivated that you somehow were brought to tears? It’s a very very weird feeling. Used to happen all the time before games back in high school football (it helped that our head coach gave the best pregame speeches of all time)… And it just happened to me right here while watching this video. A grown man being brought to tears by a highlight video of a football game. Wouldn’t have it any other way. #GrownManTears

AMAZING job by the Ohio State video staff who put these together all year. I honestly have no idea how they’re gonna top this season’s videos, yet I know the 2015 videos will be even better.

“When in doubt, give it to 12 Gauge.”

Obligatory: Buy a god damn shirt

BottleGate_OSU copy

Third String, First Place; Ohio State v Oregon Tuesday Game Tape (1st Half)

This game wasn’t as close as the score advertised. A 22 point win with FOUR turnovers?! And oh yeah, playing your 3rd string quarterback in his 3rd career start. The term “Team of destiny” gets thrown around a little too loosely nowadays but if you look it up in the dictionary you’ll see a picture of the 2014 Ohio State Buckeyes. Un-fucking-real. I’ve never experienced a season like this in any sport and I’m sure most of you haven’t either. Let’s look at the game tape.

Corso knows

I’ve never seen something so intimidating running out of the pregame tunnel

Nevermind, this is more intimidating. Poor girl.


The way Oregon drove down the field in the first half had me TOO nervous. Defensive adjustments and dropped passes are a beautiful thing

Even though Oregon would end up losing, this ball boy’s hair wins everything ever

I believe the correct term the kids use these days is “swag”

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 9.11.55 PM

On the run and throws a DART. People’s arms shouldn’t be this strong. Pretty sexy catch too

Zeke. Zeke. Zeke. Feed Zeke more.


Our superfan is better than your superfan

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 9.29.33 PM

12 Gauge. Cocked.

NO CHANCE there was anything coming out of those headphones, JT just didn’t want to hear Tebow talk about his glory days at Florida

Silver Bullets.

Even though it’s not recent, this pic was everywhere on Twitter last night and we still don’t have a name. C’mon Internet, do better

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 9.04.56 AM

Take away the four turnovers and Ohio State might have hung 60

Darron Lee got excited and almost punched a ref

The #DaleDozer

Marcus Mariota; Heisman Trophy winner and Booger Wiper

View the second half here