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This “We Are Cleveland” Video Is Fantastic And Will Calm You Down After The Cavs Game 1 Loss


That’s it. That’s the stuff. I needed something to calm me down this morning and this did it. I was going to write a recap and bitch about Lue’s rotations, JR’s disappearing act, turnovers, LeBron’s minutes, Channing Frye’s lack of minutes, and defensive strategies till I was blue in the face. But I’m not. It’s only one game and I’m strangely calm and strangely optimistic even after a 15 point drubbing. Winning an NBA Finals series was never going to be easy. Especially vs this Warriors team. The Cavs haven’t been down in a playoff series in a year so we’re all feeling a little shook right now.

Scrolling through Twitter yesterday I saw that Andre Knott posted this and I made it a point to watch this early in the morning today. Pretty freaking good. That ending, man…

This was made by the original “Believeland” director Kris Belman (who made More Than A Game). I hope that a longer version gets released because I really enjoyed this one.

Any Cleveland video that plays Roc Boys is a video I can endorse.


Guy Is So Stoned After Getting His Wisdom Teeth Out That He Thinks The Browns Are Going To The Super Bowl

Ah, to be young, stoned, and an eternal optimist again.

Whatever this kid is on I want double the dosage everyday for the rest of my life. That’s gotta be some strong shit.

Here’s the backstory from the man himself:


Not a .500 record. Not a wild card berth in the playoffs. The Super Bowl. He’s so out of it that he thinks the Browns (at 200-1) will be representing the AFC in the biggest sporting event in America. Hey, if RGIII shocks people, the defense comes together, and our rookie class contributes…….

So he thinks he’s downtown and going to the Browns game. Fair enough.  But is he really that different than someone who’s been in the Muni Lot for 5 straight hours?

Best part

OK, Jim you’re bleeding

No, I’ll bleed for the Browns


Couldn’t have scripted something so perfect.




The NFL Made A Draft Diary Video Of Corey Coleman Last Night And It’s Pretty Awesome


I absolutely LOVE this kind of behind the scenes footage from draft night. The NFL does a great job with this. Watching someone’s biggest night of their life unfold on film is just cool cool stuff to me. Corey seems like a good kid and will be easy to root for.

Let’s break down the film:

Welcome to the Swole Patrol starring Corey Coleman, Baylor. Stop calling him a small wide receiver. Yes, he’s under 6 feet tall, but he’s definitely not small.


Ab city. Ab ab city, bitch


Look good, feel good, get drafted good


Corey Coleman and a fan


Who gave Fedor a microphone on the red carpet? (Chris if you read this I’m just joking)


Me too, Corey. Me too. Can’t even imagine the emotions these dudes have running through them.


“Oh shit, is that them?”


Awesome moment here

That face when you realize you’re responsible for the Cleveland passing offense.


(also the “please don’t ask me any questions about Shawn Oakman” face)

Does Roger call all draft picks “baby?” That’s kinda strange, no?


Please, Corey. Please.