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TBT: That Time LeBron & Kevin Durant Played Flag Football At The University Of Akron

You can watch the whole game on this YouTube channel

If you remember back in 2011 during the NBA lockout, LeBron and Kevin Durant were working out together in Akron and once played a flag football game at Akron’s indoor facility.

I remember watching this live on an Internet stream and thinking this was the coolest thing ever (even though it was in 2011 and that was peak hatred for LeBron for us in Cleveland). Seeing LeBron with that pick six just reaffirmed the thought that he would be an absolute beast in football.

There’s really no rhyme or reason to this post other than I went down a rabbit hole last night of trying to find LeBron James high school football clips. After reading this column by Ben Axelrod about the college football recruitment of LeBron, my interest was piqued and I ventured to YouTube to find some clips of him on the gridiron. The clips above and this clip were really the only ones I could find:

Why are these the only clips of LeBron playing football on the Internet? That seems like something that people in the media and bloggers (me, kinda) would go crazy for. There’s basically a highlight reel for every high school football player ever. Why not have one for the best basketball player on the planet who was an All Ohio wide receiver that was getting recruited by Ohio State, Alabama, Miami, or Notre Dame? This, to me, is one of the biggest travesties of the entire Internet.

If someone finds some footage of LeBron playing football, let me know.


Former Browns WR Braylon Edwards Just Found Out You Can Buy Things On The Internet


According to a quick Google search, Amazon has been around since 1994. Braylon Edwards was born in 1983. Amazon has been around for more than 20 years of his life.

Atta boy, B! Crazy that in 2016 you can buy products off of the Internet. Who knew?! Just wish there were places on the world wide web where you could you could upload your favorite pictures and share them with others. Wish there was a place you could bid on items that you want. Wish there was a place for porn because I’m tired of these magazines.

You know what, Braylon? There’s even a place to get workout supplements since working out is apparently a thing you really like to do nowadays:

Instagram media by iamthadifference17 - YOU DON'T EVEN HAVE TO ASK!!!!!!!!! #WEWORKINOVERHERE  #EYEofTHEtiger


Instagram media by iamthadifference17 - SUNDAY FUNDAY GYMDAY  #WEWORKINOVERHERE



Photos & Videos: I Went To The Panthers-Cardinals NFC Championship And Witnessed A Beatdown

So if you were following along on Twitter this weekend, you’ll know that I was very fortunate to attend the Cardinals-Panthers NFC Championship game this Sunday in Charlotte. Field passes, great seats, the whole 9. Perks of being a blogger, I guess. making it big. (jk, I have family in the organization so I’ve been on this Panthers bandwagon for a few years and counting).

Yes, I’m happy to say that we didn’t die from the 2 1/2 inches of snow Charlotte experience between Friday-Saturday.

Conference championship football games are definitely something I can get down with. Lots and lots of fun. Being that I’m a Browns fan and am used to depressing football games along the shores of Lake Erie, this was the biggest football game I’ve ever been in the crowd for. Saw the players up close, drank a lot of beers, did a lot of yelling, did the O-H-I-O with Philly Brown’s mom all game… it was a great time.

I can confidently say that if a conference champpionship game like this ever happens in my lifetime in Cleveland, I may die.


A quick recap through pictures and videos:

Here comes Fitz

Cam’s touchdown from our seats

And pictures: