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LeBron to produce new CNBC show “Cleveland Hustles”

from CNBC.com:

ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, N.J. & PASADENA, CA — January 14, 2016 — After eight consecutive quarters of year-over-year growth among P25-54 in primetime─the only cable network to deliver such significant gains─ CNBC today announced the network is teaming up with NBA superstar LeBron James’ and Maverick Carter’s production company, SpringHill Entertainment, and Magical Elves for a new unscripted series set in Cleveland, Ohio. The series, set to debut in Summer 2016, will give local entrepreneurs the chance to realize their own dreams while also helping to revitalize struggling neighborhoods in their city.

In “Cleveland Hustles,” NBA superstar LeBron James and his longtime friend and business partner Maverick Carter will give four aspiring local entrepreneurs the chance to realize their own dreams while also helping to revitalize a neighborhood in Cleveland. LeBron and Maverick will enlist the aid of four trusted business experts and associates, who will in turn invest in and mentor fledgling entrepreneurs who need a little jumpstart. In success, these four businesses will provide jobs and services for neighborhoods that desperately need investment.”

LeBron meets Shark Tank. Sign me the f*** up.

Seriously though, this could be pretty cool. The press release was vague in terms of if Bron would actually appear in the show or just produce it (or I could just be really dumb), but either way you better believe I’m tuning in. Just your weekly reminder about how lucky we are to have a guy like this playing for one of our city’s sports teams – a lot of athletes do great things and give back to their cities, not a lot of athletes take aspiring entrepreneurs under their arms on national TV.

Who do you think his “four trusted business experts and associates” are though? I’m out if one of them isn’t JR. The ratings.

JR Smith Wants You To Know That He Lost 17 lbs By Working Out And Not By Doing Crack

1 preseason game down and I’m pretty sure we’ve already got the JR Smith quote of the year. Thanks JR for clarifying that you weren’t doing crack, I’m sure it was on all of our minds (no one was thinking that).  Who knew you could lose 17 pounds so quickly just from doing crack? Think I just found my new diet!

A couple more highlights from last night’s preseason game vs. the Hawks.


  • LeBron took a selfie with some of the faithful fans

  • Richard Jefferson turned back the clock and dunked on some fool

  • And JR Smith and LeBron lost their damn minds

  • Watching Mozgov play with LeBron and co. for a full season could be pretty satisfying

I know getting excited about any team in any sport in the preseason is dumb but I’ve gotta admit that I think I’ve got Cavs fever already.