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A Couple Of Lovebirds Got Married In FirstEnergy Stadium Before The Browns 4th Preseason Game


Who really knows how to define love? Sometimes it’s staying in on a Saturday night and watching TV in your pajamas together. Sometimes it’s finishing each other’s sentences and knowing what each other is thinking before they do . Sometimes it’s getting married before the 4th preseason game in FirstEnergy Stadium that’s at 25% capacity.

A wise man once said that “true love is your soul’s recognition of its counterpoint in another.”

Nothing says “true love” more than Cleveland boy Brian Hoyer’s return to FirstEnergy Stadium to lead the Chicago Bears second stringers vs. Robert Griffin III and the Browns.

May this couple’s future be full of dog bones, barking, and not too much letdown on Sundays.

(I’m not even sure these are Browns fans that got married but it’d be kind of a crazy move for Bears fans to get married in an opposing team’s stadium so I’m just ruling that out)


JR Smith Bought Some Cotton Candy In The Middle Of The Cavs Preseason Game

JR gonna JR.

JR Smith continues to dominate this preseason. First he was making halfcourt shots (toe was on the line though) to win a military family $30,000.

Now he’s crushing cotton candy like he’s a 4 year old attending the circus with his parents. He’s inactive tonight so we don’t have to worry about a sugar high affecting his game.

I said it from the moment the Cavs traded for him last season- JR Smith is every blogger’s dream.

C’mon dude, share some with Mozgov. He looks hungry.

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Cover pic via @BConnoisseur

JR Smith Wants You To Know That He Lost 17 lbs By Working Out And Not By Doing Crack

1 preseason game down and I’m pretty sure we’ve already got the JR Smith quote of the year. Thanks JR for clarifying that you weren’t doing crack, I’m sure it was on all of our minds (no one was thinking that). ¬†Who knew you could lose 17 pounds so quickly just from doing crack? Think I just found my new diet!

A couple more highlights from last night’s preseason game vs. the Hawks.


  • LeBron took a selfie with some of the faithful fans

  • Richard Jefferson turned back the clock and dunked on some fool

  • And JR Smith and LeBron lost their damn minds

  • Watching Mozgov play with LeBron and co. for a full season could be pretty satisfying

I know getting excited about any team in any sport in the preseason is dumb but I’ve gotta admit that I think I’ve got Cavs fever already.