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Cavs v Pistons Game 2 Highlight Reel (Kanye Mix) Plus Other Quick Thoughts

Couple thoughts:

-Stanley Johnson needs to relax.

-After LeBron threw that 1 handed pass to Love for the corner 3 he started running back on defense (1:10 in the vid). Love made it so we won’t hear everyone talk about this play like they did when LeBron did this in game 1 on Kyrie’s miss.

-Record for most 3s in a playoff game in NBA history? Is that good? Did they break it?

-Kevin Love with a nice quiet 16 & 10

-I say this is the nicest way possible because I’m a Mozgov apologist but every time Timo gets minutes I want to throw up.

-RICHARD JEFFERSON AND DELLY WERE BOTH A +25! Richard Jefferson +25 in a playoff game? What?

-The Pistons are way overmatched against the Cavs but I respect the way they play. Except Marcus Morris. He stinks on ice.

-Drummond, man. Shoot free throws underhanded or something.

-Be saltier, Stan. Be saltier.

-I like this pic

2-0. We’re on to Detroit.

The Cavs New Playoff Intro Is Fire (Plus Some Other Game 1 Thoughts)

Knew we could count on the Cavs video team to bust out a fire new intro video for this playoff run. Would have let the “It’s a new dawn. It’s a new day” build a little more in the beginning but beggars can’t be choosers.

This view from the Flats East Bank is pretty sweet too.


A couple quick thoughts about the game:

-A win is a win is a win. Thought this was Detroit’s best choice to steal a game and the Cavs were able to withstand their hot shooting. Don’t care how they do it or what the final score is, just win, baby.

-Did not expect to see so much Richard Jefferson in the 4th quarter. Also, can we get a little Channing Frye in the rotation?

-Reggie Jackson makes me lol. Cavs fans have acquired their target for game 2.

-It was nice to see that Marcus Morris finally realized he was Marcus Morris and came back to Earth in the second half

-This play made it move

-Not bad, Big 3. Not bad.


1-0 we’re on to the Pistons

Quick Post: In Hindsight, This Cavs Regular Season Really Couldn’t Have Gone Better

I’m just sitting here reminiscing over the Cavs 2015-2016 regular season and if you think about it, it really couldn’t have gone any better.

#1 seed.

No injuries.

LeBron is the best player in the league the past few weeks.

What’s not to like?

Thank god the preseason is over so we can stop losing sleep over meaningless and pointless regular season basketball games. Enough overreacting and bitching about losses in February and March. Is the regular season a good measuring stick for a basketball team? Sure. But this Cavs team was never going to win 65+ games this season. Kyrie & Shump injured at the start, Coach Blatt fired in January and Lue taking over, chemistry issues seemingly every game… But setting records like the Warriors are was never the point. All that mattered was getting through the regular season healthy. We learned last year that it doesn’t matter what seed this team gets in the playoffs because when you have that #23 guy on your team that’s really all that matters. I specifically remember talking to my friends before the season how I wouldn’t care if the Cavs were heading into the playoffs as a 4 or 5 seed.

It really is crazy how much people bitched about the best team in the conference all season but none of that matters now. The East won’t be the cakewalk everyone thinks it will be. I expect them to lose a few games here and there and hell, they’ll probably even be down in a series.

The Cavs have a real shot to win a title this season. Sure the Warriors look immortal but no one’s ever hoisted a Larry O’Brien trophy after 82 games. When this team is playing at their full potential they can beat anyone any night. I love where the Cavs are at right now. There’s not much pressure nationally to win the title because everyone is already penciling in the Warriors as champs. All the pressure in the world is on Golden State to win a title because if they don’t, their 73 win season doesn’t mean shit. According to Vegas Insider, the Cavs have 4-1 odds to win the title this season and I’m putting my last paycheck on them to do it.

Get ready for playoff LeBron